Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seeds create the finest Cannabis Seeds from award-winning and rare strains from across the globe.

All cannabis seeds are produced to the highest standards possible, developed from Anesia's professional breeding program to produce the best quality Cannabis genetics for growers.

Anesia Seeds are famous for creating strains and varieties with the highest THC content and cannabinoid profiles.

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Auto Blackberry Moonrocks

Auto Blackberry Moonrocks cannabis seeds are an auto-flowering strain with a high THC content, remar..

From £21.95


A-Train is a very potent cross of two popular medical cannabis varieties, an Arcata Trainwreck from ..

From £28.95

Amnesia Flash

We created our cup-winning Amnesia Flash cannabis seeds from the best Dutch strains, which were chos..

From £26.95

Amnesia Flash Auto

After the great success with our cup-winning feminized Amnesia Flash, we decided to create an automa..

From £22.45

Anesia Scout Cookies

Anesia Scout Cookies is a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison cannabis seeds. Girl Scout Cookies..

From £28.45

Apricot Oreoz

Apricot Oreoz is a hybrid strain created by crossing an extremely aromatic and very potent Apricot J..

From £27.95

Auto Betty

Auto Betty is an Automatic of the latest generation of auto-flowering varieties. Our breeders u..

From £21.95

Auto Blueberry Banana

Auto Blueberry Banana is the result of our outstanding Auto Banana Kush and an original Blueberry fr..

From £21.95

Auto BubbleGum

Auto Bubblegum is a potent cross of a carefully selected Bubblegum and an Auto Granddaddy Purple. By..

From £19.45

Auto Future #1

After the incredible success of our unique and multi-award-winning Future # 1, our breeders set to w..

From £21.95

Auto Imperium X

Auto Imperium X has emerged from a City of God, The White Angel and a Auto Future #1. With lengthy a..

From £21.95

Auto Lemongrass

Auto Lemongrass is the latest evolution in auto-flowering genetics. Our breeders used their man..

From £21.95

Auto Nova OG

It took us 2 years to breed our exceptional and multi-cup winning Nova OG as an auto-flowering varie..

From £21.95

Auto Sleepy Joe

For the autoflowering version of our bestseller Sleepy Joe, we crossed our select Obama Kush with an..

From £21.95

Auto Strawberry Banana

Auto Strawberry Banana has emerged from a Chiquita Banana and a Strawberry Amnesia Auto. With length..

From £17.95

Banana Kush

Banana Kush is an outstanding and very popular US strain. After several years of stabilization, we c..

From £24.95