Dutch Passion - Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion - Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion is one of the oldest and most recognized seed banks in the entire industry and is one of the few original seed banks that still operate today. They offer both feminized and regular versions of a wide variety of classic strains as well as some of the best strains from more recent times.

They began in the 1970's and were formally established as a seed bank in 1987. Soon after, they invented the first feminized seed in the 1990's and have since continued to set the bar high with their auto-flowering feminized varieties.

Dutch Passion understands the needs of modern growers and their collection is stronger today than it ever has been. They are one of the longstanding legends in the cannabis scene and they offer everything from the most notorious, heavy yielding varieties to the latest high-speed, feminized autos.

"Dutch Passion believes that recreational marijuana, used responsibly and sensibly is a healthier option to the legal alternatives of alcohol and tobacco. When used in moderation they believe that cannabis is a safer drug than alcohol with less damaging side effects and less damage to wider society. Everything they do, and all of their research, is focused to make it easier and more convenient for the home-grower to produce championship quality marijuana themselves."

The entire Dutch Passion collection is available here at SeedMasters.com, buy from us directly at great prices below!

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Masterkush is a renowned 95% Indica cross created by White Label Seed Company, a Dutch seed bank loc..

From £31.00

Auto Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush Automatic was first developed by crossing Dutch Passion’s very own classic Blueberry..

From £26.50

Auto Blueberry

AutoBlueberry has quickly become the connoisseur choice of AutoFem.  It combines authentic Blue..

From £26.50

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise cannabis seeds combine a distinctively spicy taste with large yields of frosty..

From £22.00

Auto Colorado Cookies

Auto Colorado Cookies are some of the strongest Indica-dominant auto cannabis seeds we have found so..

From £29.95

Auto Critical Orange Punch

Auto Critical Orange Punch is a feminized Autoflowering cannabis seed variety, the first Dutch Passi..

From £13.00

Auto Daiquiri Lime

Auto Daiquiri Lime® is based on a unique Californian Orange phenotype with a sharp citrus lime taste..

From £10.00

Auto Durban Poison

AutoDurban Poison is the automatic version of our legendary original Durban Poison photo period vari..

From £26.50

Auto Euforia

AutoEuforia combines genetics from our original photo period Euforia with a carefully selected Autom..

From £18.00

Auto Frisian Dew

AutoFrisian Dew has been upgraded and improved, it is now based on a specially selected Purple pheno..

From £23.00

Auto Glueberry OG

Auto Glueberry O.G.® is the autoflowering version of the hard-hitting, resin dripping photoperiod Gl..

From £31.00

Auto Mazar

Auto Mazar cannabis seeds are Dutch Passion’s incredibly high-yielding, auto-flowering cross between..

From £26.50

Auto Orange Bud

The Dutch Passion master breeder responsible for some of the best modern autoflowering genetics, suc..

From £34.95

Auto Ultimate

These cannabis seeds are the auto-flowering version of Dutch Passion’s legendary bestseller “The Ult..

From £26.50

Auto White Widow

After several years of careful selection Dutch Passion are pleased to introduce our special AutoWhit..

From £26.50

Auto Xtreme

Dutch Passion are pleased to announce a new partnership with DinaFem seeds of Spain.  DinaFem w..

From £26.50