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707 Headband is a powerful indica dominant hybrid from the Bay Area in California, well known for ..

Amherst Sour Diesel is a unique, Sativa dominant variety, originating from Mendocino, California. T..

Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant strain created by breeders from Humboldt Seeds. It takes its geneti..

Blue Widow is a popular feminized hybrid strain from Dinafem Seeds. Crossing Blueberry and White Wi..

Dutch Passion Blueberry is the original Blueberry renowned for its rich landrace parentage and long..

Bubblegummer is Female seed’s recreation of the original Bubblicious/Bubblegum strains developed by..

Critical Jack is a top-quality feminised cross between the legendary Jack Herer and Critical +; one..

Critical Mass is an impressive Indica cross between Afghani and Skunk #1 that is known for packing ..

Dutch Passion’s original Durban Poison is a classic indoor/outdoor Sativa variety, and one of our f..

Girl Scout Cookies is an incredibly popular Californian strain with an ever-growing reputation that ..

Green Crack is part of Humboldt Seed Organization’s elite selection. This heavy-yielding monster ta..

Himalaya Gold is considered to be a classic strain, with a strong reputation and an enduring presen..

Jack Herer is one of Greenhouse Seeds’ most legendary powerhouse strains. It has won multiple award..

Pineapple Chunk is a unique Indica-dominant hybrid from the breeders at Barney’s Farm. A vigorous an..

Purple Trainwreck (often referred to as Grandaddy Wreck) is an elegant cross between the original T..

Super Lemon Haze is Greenhouse Seeds' award-winning cross between Lemon Skunk and the notorious Sup..

Top 10 Cannabis Seed Strains that Boost Creativity

Top 10 Cannabis Seed Strains that Boost Creativity

SeedMasters.com 24/08/2016 0
TOP 10 CANNABIS SEEDS THAT ARE CREATIVE AND UPLIFTING STRAINS  We all know that awful dreaded creative block, so we’ve put together a list of strains that bursts through the imagination!The ultimate uplifting cannabis seed strains which feed into the creativity come from the Sativa dominant backgrounds. They have the energetic and hallucinogenic nature which lends itself to the creative arts.There’s no good in being couch slouched on a strong Indica if you are trying to produce yourself some piece of art.  1. Trainwreck - Humboldt Seeds  A sativa dominant strain. Trainwreck has its origin in Arcata, Humboldt, CA, and is one of the strongest Sativa's created in California. Thin leafed, vigorous, and big producer, it is very psychedelic, and said to be sometimes a creeper. Trainwreck has a very special smell that can be described as spicy Kush mixed with sweet tangy cedar. Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant strain with very strong effect, and it is said to be so strong that the jaw drops leaving the smoker shit faced. Definitely not for beginners.Trainwreck is a Californian variety by Humboldt Seed Bank. It's a mixture of Sativa whose origin is located in Arcata, Humboldt, CA, one of the strongest sativa created in Calif...
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How Pot Shops Are Becoming Like the Apple Stores

How Pot Shops Are Becoming Like the Apple Stores

SeedMasters.com 16/08/2016 0
Pot shops have changed, they’ve become more like an apple store and here’s how   Major makeovers are changing the retail cannabis aesthetics Back when legal weed shops opened up in America there really wasn’t alot of thought given to the design and aesthetics and that’s pretty understandable, compared to the old pot buying experience it was stealthy purchasing a dime bag on the street corner or in the basement of one of your friendly neighbour drug dealers then any store would’ve looked pretty fancy and inviting. Now that recreational cannabis has become fully established in Washington, Oregon & Colorado it is clear now that legal cannabis is a huge business and it won’t be closing down anytime soon. Well it just makes sense that those places that are selling it should look professional, sleek and modern like other popular businesses too. And that is exactly what is happening to the weed shops around the country. A cannabis dispensary called The Clinic which has shops in Illinois, Nevada & Colorado have spent just over $1 million to build and design a brand new flagship store in Denver. It has a "art meets science aesthetic" and has skylights, loads of natural light, some earth toned counters and some artfully displ...
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