Big Head - Cannabis Seeds

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Big Freeze

Big Freeze cannabis seeds are a re-mastered version of the exquisite Sweet Tooth that Big Head ..


Big Stilton Auto

Big Stilton Auto cannabis seeds were created by crossing a beautiful Auto Cheese cutting (one of the..


Bubblehead #13

Big Head spent a good amount of time searching for bubble gum cannabis seeds that were as close to t..


Buzz 'n' Smiles

These cannabis seeds are a cross between Super Lemon Haze and Big Head #1 genetics, creating a strai..


Easy AK XL

AK47 cannabis seeds are well known for its powerful odor and extreme effects, this strain is also ve..


Freeze Berry Auto

Freeze Berry Automatic cannabis seeds were truly created by mother nature herself and by an accident..


Head Stash Auto

Head Stash Auto cannabis seeds are a unique 3 way cross of some extremely fast, potent and impressiv..



Amnesia cannabis seeds are a cult classic, this strain is incredibly huge on the coffee shop scene i..


Heavy Head

Heavy Head cannabis seeds are a fantastic cross between NYC Diesel and Black Domina.A specially sele..


Julie's Cookies

Julie’s Cookies are Big Head’s reworking of the fabulous multi award-winning strain Girl Scout Cooki..



These cannabis seeds are a re-worked east coast hybrid of the legendary Chronic which was combined w..


Trippy Gorilla

Big Head’s Trippy Gorilla is one of their strongest strains of cannabis seed available today. Did we..