About Us

Here at SeedMasters.com, we work with a wide variety of established seed banks to offer a discreet, secure, reliable source of souvenir cannabis seeds.

Our website filter allows you to search all of our products and refine your results according to your specific requirements (feminized, auto-flowering, etc.), allowing you to save time and still find exactly what you need.

We pay great attention to the needs of our customers which is why we:

    • Assure that the information we put forward comes only from reputable sources

    • Accept no less than the highest quality seeds available

    • Source seeds from some of the world’s best seed banks

    • Continuously add more products to our selection

We strive to deliver a resource you can count on for dependable information as well as a safe and trustworthy service as a retailer. We are driven by a philosophy that extends far beyond the bounds of our bottom line.

We are based in the south west of England and we ship internationally. We aim to deliver a resource you can count on for credible information as well as a safe and dependable service as a supplier.

If you have any issues with the website or think you can help us to improve our service we would like to hear from you! Shoot us an email.

For more information and to find out the latest news check out our Blog.

We hope you find exactly what you are looking for here at SeedMasters! However, if you can’t find what you need on the website, that doesn’t mean we can’t get it! Consider sending our staff an email and we will get back to you quickly with a response, detailing the products (if available) and the prices, to save you the hassle of going elsewhere.