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Biscotti Mintz

BISCOTTI MINTZ™ By Barneys Farm. Created for the real connoisseurs featuring two of the USA’s premiu..

From £12.45

Dos Si Dos #33

Barneys Farm’s Cali Collection gets another jolt of a superpower with this explosive collection of t..

From £11.45

Dos Si Dos Auto

DOS SI DOS AUTO™ is an extraordinary new super breed of auto-flower that is Indica-dominant with 65%..

From £11.45


If Marvel Studios created an Avengers cannabis strain this would be it! Glookies™. Witness the ..

From £10.45

Glue Gelato Auto

Are you ready to experience the GLUE GELATO AUTO™? Elite West Coast cuts have been discovered and me..

From £9.95

L.S.D Auto

We are over the moon to be able to announce the arrival of our LSD AUTO™. A crossing of our leg..

From £9.95

Mimosa EVO

MIMOSA EVO™ Feminized: The long-awaited release from the lab at Barneys Farm has finally happened an..

From £11.45

Orange Sherbert

ORANGE SHERBERT™, a powerful and invigorating Indica dominant hybrid with intoxicating and mouth-wat..

From £10.45

Purple Punch

PURPLE PUNCH™ ... Barney’s Farm continues to bring you awe-inspiring genetics from around the globe ..

From £11.45

Purple Punch Auto

Purple Punch Auto™ ...Crossing PURPLE PUNCH™ with our monster BF AUTO CRITICAL™ has been nothing sho..

From £9.95

Strawberry Lemonade

We are delighted to introduce this brand new Strawberry & Lemon flavoured creation from Barneys ..

From £10.46

Tropicanna Banana

Tropicanna Banana is another totally tantalizing addition to our Cali collection. A mesmerising trop..

From £11.45

Watermelon Zkittlez

Watermelon Zkittlez is a wonderfully balanced hybrid exhibits heavy Sativa growth patterns that help..

From £11.45

Wedding Cake

WEDDING CAKE™ Feminized: An unforgettable journey into the land of delight begins with a single tast..

From £11.45

Wedding Cake Auto

WEDDING CAKE AUTO™: Coated in tasty sugar crystals, like a fine cake, our Super WEDDING CAKE AUTO™ h..

From £11.45

Zkittlez OG Auto

Fruity flavors combined with our prized OG have been painstakingly worked together into something we..

From £8.95