Black Valium

Black Valium
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Black Valium is both extremely sedative and deeply meditative. Also, she is very good for pain-numbing and will produce some seriously noxious harvests from plants of the highest possible caliber as far as Indica strains are concerned. 

  • The Southern California G13 used in the breeding program is hailed as one of the top G13 cuts available! Fan leaves grow huge and are colored dark black/olive green with sticky fragrant flowers which are a deep green, sometimes dark purple, emitting fragrances of plum, blackberry, and strong Afghan hash thanks to the kick-ass genetics of Ghost OG and LC Hash Plant.

  • Black Valium's lineage is made up of some of the heaviest, legendary Indica Genetics found in the Pacific North West which was chosen for their supreme quality and effective growing properties making the Black Valium strain perfect for both patient and recreational users alike.

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