Glue Dream

Glue Dream
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Glue Dream is one of California’s dominant strains of modern times. The Blue Dream phenotype has been carefully crossed with two of our early unreleased strains Glueberry Skunk and Ancient Haze making her especially pungent. 

  • Top Shelf Elite made sure in rigorous testing and selecting they came to agree that this new genetic profile exaggerates the best of the original strain by increasing the depth to the berry and haze, also boosting trichome production whilst preserving the clear, euphoric effects that this Sativa has to offer, making for an awe-inspiring daytime choice.

  • A dazzling, high yielding phenotype of Blue Afghani was used for breeding of our Glueberry Skunk to further increase the depth of the sweet deep Blueberry/Mango flavour and give extra weight to her finished buds. Flowers are large, and often blue with a silver tint making this variety bust with trichomes and sticky as hell... the combination of this and her pale blue flowers make for a ghostly and exquisite look into the plant in full flowering glory.

GENETICS Blue Dream x Glueberry Skunk x Ancient Haze