Devils Harvest

All of our cannabis seeds are suitable for indoor growing (and outdoor growing, dependent on location). All of our strains have been selectively bred from our extensive and unique collection of cannabis genotypes to produce some incredibly potent ganja. The Devil’s Harvest Seed Company was started by 2 committed breeders after several years of individual success, working with many of the most reputable figures in the industry. After years of smoking and sampling the best products that Amsterdam’s famous Coffeeshops had to offer, and gaining a reputation for creating some phenomenal weed, our founders Daire & Paul decided to create The Devil’s Harvest Seed Company to fully showcase their cannabis strains and distribute their cannabis seeds all over the globe. Lovingly combining solid old-school genetics with newer strains has resulted in some of the most unique and sought-after cannabis in the industry today and has led to phenomenal international recognition and success.
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Casey Jones

Casey Jones feminized cannabis seeds is a strain named after Casey Jones; a well-known engineer who ..


Dazy Jones

The renowned Trainwreck cannabis seeds strain is fused with the classic Sour Diesel and then it’s fi..


Devil's Dawg

Devil's Harvest cannabis seeds have made the original Devil's Haze even more fabulous by crossing it..


Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel cannabis seeds is a hybrid with strong genes, it is also one of the latest strains ..


Hell's Bells

The Hell’s Bells cannabis seed strain has a weighted effect and a characteristic Kush taste. A cross..


John Doe

We called this strain of cannabis seeds John Doe because of the mystery behind the origin of the gen..



Khufu has that typical sweet flavor of original Kush cannabis seeds, it was named after the 1st pyra..



Kuchi Feminized cannabis seeds produce a little and compact marijuana plant which is perfect for gro..


Rollex OG Kush

These amazing cannabis seeds must not be mistaken with Rolex, our stunning Rollex OG Kush is timeles..



Shoreline cannabis seeds are a unique cannabis strain that is great in all types of conditions, maki..


Strawberry Sour Diesel

Strawberry Sour Diesel cannabis seeds (SSD) have rapidly become one of our most well-known strains.C..