Vanilla Frosting

Vanilla Frosting
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Vanilla Frosting is the result of an incredibly extensive breeding program. The end product is a sweet, vanilla-flavoured variety of incomparable flavour. 

  • This is a unique strain with unrivalled flavour and world-class potency. It receives genetics from a Frost OG parent that was chosen for its strength and aroma, combined with a special Gelato that was hand-selected from a pool of thousands of distinct Gelato phenotypes.

  • Like most Gelato-related strains, Vanilla Frosting grows vigorously and shows great resilience and strength. The flowers of Vanilla Frosting develop a dense, silvery carpet of resin towards the end of flowering, with the plant also taking on a slight purple shade in some cases.

  • The taste of Vanilla Frosting is beyond exceptional; the sweet flavor of this strain is clear vanilla that is accompanied by sweet-candy aromas guaranteed to make your mouth water. This is one strain that will leave a lasting impression and fond memories for anyone brave enough to hit it!

  • With a THC content of 29%, this strain packs some real power and is not recommended for beginners or lightweights! Its effects are rapid and energetic, catapulting the mind into astronomical highs typical of a Sativa strain whilst driving the body deeper into states of Indica-induced relaxation and rest.

  • Vanilla Frosting is a fast-acting, well-balanced strain of exceptional potency and a must-have for any serious recreational user. Vanilla Frosting cannabis seeds grow well in both indoor and outdoor conditions and develop strong side-branches, making it an ideal candidate for a number of growing and training methods.

AROMA Vanilla, Sweet, Candy
EFFECTS Heavy hitting, energetic rush, deep physical relaxation, quick hitting
FLAVOUR Vanilla, Sweet, Candy
GENETICS Gelato x Frost OG Mostly Sativa (60% Sativa, 40% Indica)
HARVEST TIME Early October
THC LEVEL Up to 29%