BC Bud Depot - Marijuana Seeds

BC Bud Depot - Marijuana Seeds

The BC Bud Depot produce some of the world's best marijuana seeds at very reasonable prices.

  • They pride themselves on their award-winning marijuana seeds and in offering the most comprehensive collection in the world.

  • With a huge variety of quality seeds on offer, they are well established in the industry.

  • They have been developing some of the best marijuana seeds for years now and continue to supply growers and breeders with great genetics to this day.

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Animal Cookies

While working to release the Girl Scout Cookies S1's after months of rigorous testing, we knew we ha..

From £62.95

BC Blueberry

Original Blueberry is a true BC classic. Thick Purple stems; A dense and stout plant with red, purpl..

From £62.95

BC Burmese

Burmese is easy to grow, easy to clone and very stable. Don't veg this mostly sativa for too long to..

From £44.95

BC God Bud

A BC Bud Depot Cannabis Cup Winner for World's Best Indica, the BC God Bud packs some of the most po..

From £34.95

BC Kush

An easy to grow plant that is one of the most popular. It is of medium height and produces quality y..

From £30.95

BC Mango

The BC Mango packs a powerful high with a distinct mango flavor and a tantalizing smell. A mostly in..

From £53.95

BC Monterey Jack

The UK Cheese clone was gifted to us from a friend in the UK just as the Cheese strain was starting ..

From £30.95

BC Pinewarp

This strain grows big. A cross between two of British Columbia's lowest maintenance and highest yiel..

From £53.95

BC Rockstar

BC Rockstar (aka Rockstar Kush) is one of British Columbia's hottest new strains renowned for its ex..

From £53.95

BC Shiatsu Kush

Going above and beyond the call of duty, BC Bud Depot recently traveled to Japan to meet in secret w..

From £53.95

BC Sweet God

The Cannabis Cup winning BC God Bud crossed with the speed and sweetness of the BC Sweet Tooth, this..

From £53.95

BC Sweet Island Skunk

The Sweet Sweet Island Skunk is a hardy mostly sativa variety and a long native of Vancouver Island...

From £53.95

BC Sweet Tooth

The BC Sweet Tooth comes down fast and heavy in 6 to 7 weeks with maximum yields of dense sweet-tast..

From £53.95


When we ran into a pink pistol pheno of the God Bud that tested at 4% CBD we knew that this phenomen..

From £62.95

Chem Fire

Everyone knows how amazing the Chem Dawg D is - this plant provides a funk that can be too intense f..

From £53.95

Fire OG BX3

Arguably one of the best OG Kush’s in the world, the Fire OG Kush is truly amazing! The mother of th..

From £53.95