Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds

Advanced seeds are a relatively small seed bank with an excellent variety of auto flowering and feminized cannabis seeds.

Every seed available from Advanced Seeds has been grown in a very strict and controlled production environment:

  • They do not use any artificial/synthetic fertilizers. All seeds are grown naturally with organic insecticides and fertilizers.

  • Each specific strain is grown in isolation and under very strict control in order to ensure the quality and genetic purity of each seed.

  • Advanced Seeds use a specific technique to obtain feminized seeds which does not involve genetic manipulation.

If you are looking for the kind of seed bank that goes the extra mile to ensure you receive a quality product, Advanced Seeds is sure to meet your expectations.

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Advanced Automatic Collection #1

2x. Auto Biodiesel Mass2x Auto Skunk 472x Auto Jack Herer..

From £29.95

Advanced Automatic Collection #4

2x Auto Afghan Skunk2x Auto Black Diesel2x Auto Critical Soma..

From £29.95

Afghan Skunk

Developed in the US, Afghan Skunk cannabis seeds combine genetics from the legendary Afghan with the..

From £12.85

Auto Afghan Skunk

This is a an Auto-flowering version of the legendary Afghan Skunk. Its strength and versatility make..

From £12.85

Auto Biodiesel Mass

Auto Biodiesel Mass was created by selecting for resin production and overall growth using AutoCriti..

From £16.15

Auto Black Diesel

Auto Black Diesel is a stocky auto-flowering strain with a powerful, sweet mandarin aroma. Its power..

From £16.15

Auto Blue Diesel

Auto Blue Diesel combines two of the most heralded strains of all-time into a single, fast-growing a..

From £16.05

Auto Critical Soma

Auto Critical Soma is a fruity, fully automatic hybrid strain developed by Advanced Seeds. It is kno..

From £14.75

Auto Heavy Bud

Auto Heavy Bud is a beastly cross between Skunk Red Hair and Indica Auto cannabis seeds.Auto Heavy B..

From £14.25

Auto Jack Herer

Based on possibly the most legendary strain ever made, Auto Jack Herer combines the champion genetic..

From £16.05