Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds are a modern seed bank who specialize in feminized and auto-feminized cannabis seeds. After years of searching and selecting for the best genetic types, Sweet Seeds have designed some astonishing strains with exceptionally sweet flavours and aromas. Every variety from Sweet Seeds is aromatic and palatable, having been selected specifically for those traits.

Each strain is adapted to both indoor and outdoor growing conditions. Sweet Seeds aim to select easy to grow, aromatic and productive varieties, suitable for all growers in a variety of conditions. Each and every strain is hand selected and only after thorough inspection are the best seeds packed and released. All seeds are stored and conserved under low-humidity, low-temperature conditions, ensuring their future viability as much as possible. Each batch is tested rigorously and seeds that do not meet the expected 95% germination rate are not released. Sweet Seeds have a femininity rate of around 99.7%.

Sweet Seeds offer a selection of some of the finest feminized and auto-feminized seeds available, you can browse and buy from the entire collection here at SeedMasters.com !

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Cream Caramel

A synthetic variety which is the result of a three way cross between our best Indicas: BlueBlack x M..

From £19.95

Jack 47 Automatic

3rd generation auto-flowering. This hybrid is the result of a cross between a Jack Herer Auto from t..

From £24.00

+ Speed Auto

3rd generation auto-flowering variety. This hybrid is the result of crossing an automatic Critical M..

From £16.00

Auto 2nd Gen Collection #2

2 x  seeds Black Jack Auto2  x seeds Cream Caramel Auto2 x  seeds S.A.D. Sweet Afgani..

From £34.00

Auto Jack Collection

2 x seeds Black Jack Auto2 x seeds Big Devil XL Auto2 x seeds Jack 47 Auto..

From £43.00

Auto Quick Collection

2 x +Speed2 x Fast Bud 22 x Speed Devil..

From £34.00

Automatic Collection

2x Auto Biodiesel Mass2x Auto Skunk 472x Auto Jack Herer..

From £32.00

Big Devil #2

3rd generation auto flowering strain. First genetic evolution of SWS15 (Big Devil Auto®). A big size..

From £20.00

Big Devil Automatic

A feminized automatic strain of high stature, we have selected this particular one which can reach a..

From £16.00

Big Devil Collection

2 x seeds Big Devil Auto2 x seeds Big Devil XL Auto2 x seeds Dark Devil Auto..

From £52.00

Big Devil XL

3rd generation auto flowering. This hybrid is the result of crossing our SWS20 (Big Devil #2 Auto®) ..

From £21.00

Big Foot

This very potent plant with a great abundance of pistils and massive resin production is one of the ..

From £19.00

Black Cream Automatic

Black Cream Auto is a 2013 release from Sweet Seeds which takes its genetics from their most awarded..

From £17.00

Black Jack

We have crossed-bred our Black Domina with an exceptional Jack Herer of pleasing and intense aroma s..

From £16.00

Black Jack Automatic

3rd generation auto-flowering strain. Auto-flowering version of our SWS01 (Black Jack®).This is the ..

From £19.00

Black Jack F1 Fast Version

Feminized and non-auto-flowering version with an ultra fast flowering of one of the first and most a..

From £15.00