Bomb Seeds

Bomb Seeds
Bomb Seeds focus on creating some of the best genetic combinations of strength, power, quality, and yield. They select for the very best qualities of some of the world's greatest strains and combine them with their explosive Bomb genetics to create strains which never fail to deliver.

Bomb Seeds produce their crop using organic growing methods under strictly controlled conditions in order to ensure quality and purity. Each batch of cannabis seeds is tested regularly for optimum quality and to ensure consistent results. All of their seeds are hand-selected to select for maturity and viability. Bomb Seeds genetics are completely stabilized and are specifically bred to ensure every strain and trait breeds true in all plants.

Bomb Seeds take care to make sure your seeds are kept in a temperature and humidity controlled environment at all times. They use commercial refrigerators maintained at a constant temperature of 6-8 degrees C. This is the best way to maintain the freshness and vitality of each dormant seed. Each set of seeds is batch tested in Holland, where they must achieve a 95% success rate in optimum conditions before each batch is selected and released. 
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We have gone Atomic with a truly superior strain that’ll blow your socks off!We combined a hand-pick..

From £26.75

Auto Bomb

After several years in the making, we have successfully crossed the power of Bomb Seeds with an auto..

From £26.85

Baked Bomb

A marriage made in heaven takes two perfectly matched partners and of course a big Wedding Cake.&nbs..

From £25.95

Baked Bomb Auto

Baked Bomb Auto is the Autoflowering version of the sweet treat Baked Bomb, the amazing combination ..

From £25.95

Banana Bomb

Take Cover – Banana Bomb Incoming! For straight-up power and impact there is nothing quite like Bana..

From £35.95

Berry Bomb

Berry Bombcannabis seeds are a special cross of a hand selected Blueberry mother with the all powerf..

From £29.95

Berry Bomb Auto

Berry Bomb Auto cannabis seeds are an exceptionally sweet, autoflowering version of Bomb Seeds' Berr..

From £30.85

Big Bomb

Along with THC Bomb cannabis seeds, Big Bomb is our highest yielding strain. A dominant Big Bud moth..

From £21.55

Big Bomb Auto

Big Bomb Auto is the massive producing auto flowering version of our top yielding strain Big Bomb. C..

From £20.65

Bubble Bomb

Bubble Bomb is the result of crossing Cannabis Cup winning Bubblegum cannabis seeds with our highly ..

From £22.75

Buzz Bomb

As a high quality connoisseur Sativa, Buzz Bomb cannabis seeds certainly live up to their name. A he..

From £24.75

CBD Bomb

These cannabis seeds are a pinnacle of 3 years intense research and crossbreeding, CBD Bomb, our fir..

From £29.95

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb is the hard hitting, big yielding strain from Bomb cannabis seeds. The result of crossin..

From £23.65

Cherry Bomb Auto

Cherry Bomb Auto  cannabis seeds are a highly resinous autoflowering strain with a full cherry ..

From £22.75

Cluster Bomb

The latest addition to the bomb cannabis seeds range; Cluster Bomb is everything that Bomb genetics ..

From £20.65

Cosmic Bomb Auto

Stretch yourself out to the stars with our stellar autoflowering variety, Cosmic Bomb Auto. Whe..

From £35.95