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Big Bomb Cannabis Seeds
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Along with THC Bomb cannabis seeds, Big Bomb is our highest yielding strain. A dominant Big Bud mother was carefully crossed with Bomb #1 to deliver a plant with massive yields and increased levels of THC, making Big Bomb an ideal plant for commercial interests.The addition of Bomb #1 produces very high volume, rock hard buds. Outdoors the plant can produce in excess of 1.5kg (3lb+). Big Bomb is very easy to grow well and has very explosive growth potential. The smoke has a strong skunky smell with a long lasting, all round buzz and a classic skunk flavour.

EFFECTSClassic Indica stone
FLOWERING TIMEIndoor : 6-8 week Outdoor: Sept-Oct
GENETICSIndica/Sativa (Indica dominant)
HEIGHTMedium (90-140cm)
THC LEVELHigh (15-20%)
YIELDHigh (500-600g/m²)

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