Berry Bomb Auto

Berry Bomb Auto Cannabis Seeds
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Berry Bomb Auto cannabis seeds are an exceptionally sweet, autoflowering version of Bomb Seeds' Berry Bomb – One of their most popular flagship strains. The original Berry Bomb takes its genetics from the classic berry strain Blueberry and Bomb Seeds' Bomb #1. This Indica-leaning hybrid is known for its explosive growth rate, impressive resin production and stunning colour display when grown under the right conditions. This strain is quite hardy by nature, making it very resistant to mould and able to withstand cold conditions.

The high is a formidable combination of Indica and Sativa characteristics; expect a near-perfect balance between deep body relaxation and euphoric clarity that will leave even the most seasoned users feeling blown away! -and with THC levels of up to 20% we can see why! This strain is not just popular for its impressive growth rate and extraordinary potency, it is also very well known for its hallmark sweet berry taste and aroma. Its flavours are intensely fruity and sweet, somewhat reminiscent of previous berry strains like Blueberry.

Berry Bomb Auto cannabis seeds will be fully flowered about 70 days after germination and due to their long internodes these plants respond well to SCROG and LST set ups. Yields can reach around 600g/m2 in the right conditions. Growers looking to unlock this strain's wonderful colour matrix are advised to reduce temperatures during flowering. This strain performs well in both indoor and outdoor environments and is known to really put on the pounds towards the end of flowering. A MUST HAVE for any true connoisseur!

CLIMATE Indoor/Outdoor
EFFECTS Starts heady, moving nicely to a body buzz
FLOWERING TIME Indoor : 70 days from seed Outdoor: May-Oct
GENETICS Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis
HEIGHT Medium (70-120cm)
THC LEVEL High (15-20%)
YIELD High (300-350g/m²)