Good Buzz Genetics - Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Good Buzz Genetics - Bulk Cannabis Seeds

Good Buzz Genetics carry some of the top and most current strains of cannabis seeds available today including the infamous Gorilla Glue and the mighty Bruce Banner! 

  • Here you will find a top selection of bulk seeds catering for the professionals among us, these bulk packs containing 100 seeds will serve our expert growers dearly.

  • Grab yourself some top quality cannabis seeds at discount prices, and with free discreet delivery you can't go wrong!

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Named after the popular sweets Skittles due to her fruity taste and aromas, you can now unleash thes..

£160.00 £100.00

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner bulk marijuana seeds are characterised by it's generous production of large and resinou..

From £160.00


We are super excited to add the world-famous strain Gelato to our collection of connoisseur bulk mar..

From £160.00

Girl Scout Cookies

The popular hybrid Girl Scout Cookies, also known as GSC she is a heavyweight that gives users the b..

From £160.00

Gorilla Zkittlez

Gorilla Zkittlez bulk cannabis seeds are a true masterpiece unleashing the gigantic power of West Co..

From £160.00


Sherbet bulk cannabis seeds by Good Buzz Genetics are a true wonder: Sherbet or Sunset Sherbet has b..

From £160.00


Stardawg Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Good Buzz Genetics: Another new strain from the USA to add to o..

From £160.00