Buddha Seeds

Buddha Seeds
Buddha Seeds work on methodically stabilising and improving the genetics of cannabis in many ways. Their most notable contribution is the production of the some of the very best auto-flowering genetics available.

They care most about quality and less about quantity, which is why Buddha Seeds have quickly established themselves globally, setting the bar high for auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

Each of their strains are created with great effort and a genuine dedication to their craft. Their goal being to offer new, unique, innovative strains which are capable of meeting the demands of any and all growers.

Buddha Seeds seek out specific varieties of cannabis that yield unique and special features, each of which is bred selectively in order to re-enforce superior phenotype expression.

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Assorted Auto Buddha

Here you will find a smashing mix of auto-flowering marijuana seeds from Buddha Seeds.Within this mi..

From £29.95


AutofloweringDeimos is a mainly Indica hybrid ancestry (Northern Lights) work 7 generations of selec..

From £61.95


After years of work and stabilizing selecting different genetic, Buddha Seeds has completed this var..

From £61.95


AutofloweringMAGNUM: the most powerful and productive automatic cannabis seed that ever existed.This..

From £61.95

Purple Kush Automatic

AutofloweringAutomatic strain from the fertile valleys and slopes of the Hindu Kush, our new 100% pu..

From £54.95

Red Dwarf

AutofloweringFrom the auto flowering parental strain that led to White Dwarf, hybridized with an exc..

From £24.95


AutofloweringHybrid obtained by crossing autoflowering varieties with the sweetest indica. Fruity fl..

From £52.95

White Dwarf

AutofloweringThe crossing of two powerful indica of unique features White Dwarf is an auto flowering..

From £29.95