Auto Blackberry Moonrocks

New Auto Blackberry Moonrocks
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If you are looking for an auto-flowering cannabis strain that will beam you into new spheres and at the same time have an incredibly fruity aroma then Auto Blackberry Moonrocks might be it.

  • Our Auto Blackberry Moonrocks offers exactly that and an extremely short waiting time of just 10 weeks. For this, we crossed a Blue Moonrock with our Auto Blueberry Banana and a Blackberry Kush and selected them for potency and taste.

  • Auto Blackberry Moonrocks, like our photoperiodic variant, is an Indica dominant strain that produces fat, resinous flowers which, especially at cooler night temperatures, acquire a dark, almost black coloration and are reminiscent of lunar rock. This strain is nothing for novices because its gigantic THC content up to 25% and its extensive terpe palette give very intense effects. Its effects are mainly determined by the indicia, but it also has euphoric mood-enhancing Sativa effects. Auto Blackberry Moonrocks combines a high a wide range of different effects, while always producing a good feeling and makes a happy mood.

Growing Auto Blackberry Moonrocks

  • Auto Blackberry Moonrocks grow 70-90 cm and can be harvested about 70 days after seed germination. The best results are achieved with a 20/4 light cycle. Outdoors it is also suitable for cooler temperatures and can be planted at a soil temperature of 15°C.

Medical Use

  • Due to its high THC content, it is a valuable medicinal cannabis strain in the treatment of pain, anxiety, MS and sleeps disorders. It ensures a comfortable sleep and helps to find rest after a stressful day.

GENETICS 80% Indica
HEIGHT 70-90 cm • 70-100 cm

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