Auto Blackberry Moonrocks

Auto Blackberry Moonrocks
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Auto Blackberry Moonrocks cannabis seeds are an auto-flowering strain with a high THC content, remarkable flavour and distinctive appearance. 

  • This variety is a complex strain that draws from a powerful genetic background to combine several world-class traits into an automatic variety designed to produce in a very short season of only 10 weeks.

  • Auto Blackberry Moonrocks was produced in a breeding program that involved the marriage of a Blue Moonrock variety with an Auto Blueberry Banana. The subsequent offspring was then combined with a Blackberry Kush that had been selected for its distinctive flavour and potency.

  • Similar to its photoperiodic counterpart, Auto Blackberry Moonrocks is an Indica-dominant variety that develops stout, plump-looking buds that take on a rich, dark purple colour when grown in cooler temperatures. Its buds harden and darken during the drying and curing process and can often appear almost black in colour, similar to a real moon rock.

  • Although it is a highly ornamental strain, Auto Blackberry Moonrocks is far more than just a pretty face; with an extensive terpene profile and THC levels as high as 25%, this is a powerful strain best reserved for the more experienced user.

  • The oils and resins produced by Auto Blackberry Moonrocks are used medicinally for a broad range of conditions and ailments, including MS, anxiety and sleep disorders. Its effects are typical of an Indica-dominant variety, relaxing the user and relieving tension and stress from the body. It does however retain the euphoric, mood-enhancing properties that are generally more characteristic of a Sativa, combining both into a strong but well-balanced and uplifting high.

  • Auto Blackberry Moonrocks can grow up to 90cm tall and should be ready for harvest roughly 70 days after germination. It performs best in a 20/4 light cycle and is suitable for areas where the temperatures are cooler.

AROMA Lavender, Blueberry
EFFECTS Euphoric, Mood Enhancing, Happy
FLAVOUR Lavender, Blueberry
GENETICS Blue Moonrock x Auto Blueberry Banana x Blackberry Kush Mostly Indica (80% Indica, 20% Sativa)
HARVEST TIME 10 Weeks from Germination
HEIGHT Indoors 70-90cm Outdoors 70-100cm
MEDICAL Pain, Anxiety, MS
YIELD Indoors 450 gr/m2 Outdoors 180 gr/pp