Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seeds create the finest Cannabis Seeds from award-winning and rare strains from across the globe.

All cannabis seeds are produced to the highest standards possible, developed from Anesia's professional breeding program to produce the best quality Cannabis genetics for growers.

Anesia Seeds are famous for creating strains and varieties with the highest THC content and cannabinoid profiles.

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Dankberry is our newest premium strain with the unmistakable strength and uniqueness of Anesia Seeds..

From £29.95

Deep Jealousy Auto

Deep Jealousy Auto complements the Anesia selection of above-average potent and aromatic autofloweri..

From £22.95

Epic Buzz

What would happen if we crossed two of Anesia's strongest and most aromatic strains? Two strain..

From £29.45

Fast Caramelic

Fast Caramelic is a hybrid of Big Bud and Caramello with a marvelous sweet candy smell and an amazin..

From £26.95

Fat Monkey Auto

Fat Monkey Auto is an extremely potent auto-flowering strain that delivers high yields, a great Pote..

From £22.45


Foster is a balanced hybrid with a slight sativa dominance and it’s the result of crossing a particu..

From £29.45

Frozen Black Cherry

Our new Frozen Black Cherry is packed with THC and has an extremely frosty appearance. She is a..

From £29.95

Frozen Black Cherry Auto

Do you know Anesia's Frozen Black Cherry? Her irresistible aroma of juicy sweet cherries combined wi..

From £24.95

Future #1

Future #1 Is recognized as the most potent strain ever created, with independent laboratories confir..

From £29.45

Future Island

Introducing Future Island, a high-potency hybrid bred from two of our most powerful strains, Future ..

From £29.45

Gelato Dream

Gelato Dream cannabis seeds originate from a process of selective breeding in which an elite cutting..

From £29.45

Ghost Train Haze #1

Ghost Train Haze by Anesia is a Sativa cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck feminized seeds.&n..

From £29.95

Green Apple Juice Auto

Green Apple Juice Auto is the result of crossing an Apple Fritter and an Auto Betty. She has ou..

From £22.95


The genetic of our Hawaiiana feminized seeds are based on Hawaiian Sativa and Mango Haze. Hawaiiana ..

From £24.95

Haze Queen

Haze Queen feminized seeds are a highly developed variety that delivers an outstanding flavor and ex..

From £26.45

High Mars

High Mars is a highly potent cannabis strain with a wide spectrum of sativa and indica effects. She ..

From £29.45