Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seeds create the finest Cannabis Seeds from award-winning and rare strains from across the globe.

All cannabis seeds are produced to the highest standards possible, developed from Anesia's professional breeding program to produce the best quality Cannabis genetics for growers.

Anesia Seeds are famous for creating strains and varieties with the highest THC content and cannabinoid profiles.

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Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush comes from the Hindu Kush, a high mountain in Central Asia, which is the major part in Af..

From £26.55

Hyper Glue

Hyper Glue is one of our latest hybrids for the year 2021 and was created due to the great demand fo..

From £27.95


Iceberg feminized seeds are a very resinous variety that offers great yields and an enormous potency..

From £28.45

Imperium X

Imperium X is one of the strongest strains in the world, combining outstanding traits like no other ..

From £27.95

Jealousy Dankness

Jealousy Dankness is the result of crossing two outstanding, super flavourful high-potent strains: A..

From £29.95


MAC cannabis seeds are a supernova in cannabis genetics and shine with outstanding properties. ..

From £29.95

Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold of Anesia comes from Malawi, a country in south-east Africa, and is one of the world's m..

From £26.45

Mandarine 47

These outstanding and award-winning cannabis seeds feature genetics of the AK-47 in combination with..

From £23.95

Mob Boss

The rare Mob Boss strain from Anesia Seeds is an extremely resinous, potent, and high-yielding canna..

From £27.45

Nova OG

Thanks to 2 years of hard work and diligent breeding programs, feminized Nova OG cannabis seeds are ..

From £29.45

Oracle Octane

Oracle Octane is a highly potent super high THC strain made from a selected, exceptionally THC rich ..

From £31.95

Orient Express

Orient Express by Anesia Cannabis Seeds is a Sativa dominant hybrid cross between the famous Ghost T..

From £26.95

Original Gorilla #4

Original Gorilla #4 feminized seeds is another super-powerful hybrid strain, known for its extraordi..

From £30.45

Panama Red

Panama Red is a pure landrace sativa strain named after the country it came from. Panama Red provide..

From £26.95

Pineapple Runtz Auto

Pineapple Runtz Auto joins our selection of extremely strong auto-flowering varieties and provides y..

From £21.45

Pink Matcha Slush

Pink Matcha Slush is a hybrid with a slight indica dominance (60% indica) that offers high levels of..

From £29.45