Blackberry Moonrocks - Feminized Seeds

Blackberry Moonrocks - Feminized Seeds
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Blackberry Moonrocks feminized seeds bear a unique, high-quality genetic package that has been developed masterfully by Anesia Seeds, a seedbank that is carving a solid reputation worldwide for their distinctive high-potency strains. 

  • Blackberry Moonrocks originates from an exceptionally potent Blue Moonrock female and a Blackberry Kush male that was selected for its impressive range of cannabinoids and an excellent terpene profile. The long and successful interbreeding program that produced this strain was focussed intentionally on the development of a specific range of flavours and a world class level of potency.

  • True to tradition, Anesia Seeds have maintained their high standards for world-class potency and with a THC-content of an amazing 32%, Blackberry Moonrocks is one of the strongest strains in the world! The effects are as one would expect from an Indica-dominant hybrid: a comfortable, contented high that is complimented by a cheerful and uplifting edge. These effects are amplified considerably by the sheer potency of this excellent strain.

  • Blackberry Moonrocks feminized seeds produce very attractive crops with rock hard, resin-soaked buds of exceptional quality. Her striking colours often range from blue, to purple and even black in many cases, making for an impressive visual display. This moderately sized, mold-resistant strain is ideal for less experienced indoor growers who are looking to grow gorgeous crops with ease.

  • Developed specifically for her intense flavours and effects, Blackberry Moonrocks is a soft smoke with blackberry, blueberry and lavender notes that are accentuated by light traces of citrus. The effects are equally varied and wide-ranging but are generally characterized by the onset of a happy and uplifting mood.

  • Blackberry Moonrocks has great potential for medicinal use against pain, MS and sleep disorders due to its exceptionally high THC content. It is also very effective against anxiety and stress. Flowering in just 8-9 weeks this plant can pack on a substantial yield of 550g/m2 in a relatively short flowering period.

GENETICS 80% Indica, 20% Sativa
HEIGHT 110-130cm