Gelato Dream - Cannabis Seeds

Gelato Dream - Cannabis Seeds
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Gelato Dream cannabis seeds originate from a process of selective breeding in which an elite cutting taken from a Gelato #41 mother was chosen to be crossed with a special hand-picked Loud Dream male. 

  • Gelato Dream is a high-potency breed with an extensive terpene and cannabinoid profile. She was created by the world-famous Anesia Seeds: a seed bank renowned for producing exceptionally high THC strains. They aimed to create their own cookie strain that perfectly embodies their high standards for potency.

  • An excellent combination of many sought after attributes, Gelato Dream is high-yielding, very powerful and a pleasure to taste. She inherits her weight and productivity from her Loud Dream father and improves upon the strong, stable effects and fruity flavor of her Gelato #41 mother.

  • This strain is Sativa-dominant and packs on plenty of THC, giving it an overall strength that best serves more experienced users. At 33% THC content, its effects can be surprisingly intense, coming on quickly and lasting for hours. True to its Sativa roots, Gelato Dream’s powerful high is very uplifting, relaxing and mind-expanding; the effects can take on quite psychedelic qualities at higher doses and always makes for an interesting and profound experience.

  • An outstanding strain for flavor and aroma, Gelato Dream cannabis seeds are one of the sweetest, fruitiest varieties available she has a terpene and cannabinoid profile that is certain to satisfy even the most demanding users. The flavor is sugary-sweet and is often described as tasting like ice cream or candy.

  • Gelato Dream grows large, highly resinous flowers that often turn a violet, reddish color, complimenting her dark green undertones perfectly. This strain has wide-reaching medicinal applications and is useful in the treatment of chronic pain and depression while improving overall mood and motivation.

FLOWERING TIME 56 to 63 days
GENETICS 70% Sativa, 30% Indica
HEIGHT 120-140 cm • 180-230 cm

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