Future Island

Future Island
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Introducing Future Island, a high-potency hybrid bred from two of our most powerful strains, Future #1 and Imperium X

  • With 70% Sativa genetics, Future Island sets new standards for cannabinoid and terpene content.

  • Get ready for a mind-blowing experience with this strain's fast-acting, energetic, and euphoric high that also has psychedelic elements and expands the senses. At the same time, the effect is physically relaxing and creates a floating feeling of lightness and positive mood. Ideal for creative work, relaxation, or leisure, but not recommended for tasks requiring concentration. Beginners should exercise caution with Future Island and adjust their dosage carefully.

  • The buds of Future Island are truly impressive, reaching massive size and density and covered in a thick layer of resin from its high resin production. With a potential yield of 500 g/m² indoors and up to 1kg per plant outdoors, it is a high-yielding strain suitable for commercial cultivation.

  • Growing Future Island requires proper nutrition, plenty of light, and a favorable climate. Adequate air circulation around the buds is essential, especially towards the end of the flowering period. Pruning the lower branches in favor of the upper, stronger ones can improve growth structure and yields. Indoors, we recommend lolly popping and outdoor topping for best results.

  • Medically, Future Island's potency and balanced cannabinoid profile make it an excellent choice for combating pain, depression, nausea, and symptoms of stress and overwork. This strain is guaranteed to eliminate all bad feelings and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
FLAVOUR Exotic Fruits, Mint
GENETICS 70% Sativa / 30% Indica Future #1 x Imperium X
HARVEST TIME End of September
HEIGHT 130-160 cm • 200-270 cm
YIELD 650g/m² • 800-1400 g/plant