Auto Lemongrass

Auto Lemongrass
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Auto Lemongrass is the latest evolution in auto-flowering genetics. 

  • Our breeders used their many years of experience to create a new exceptional auto-flowering variety. They pursued the goal of breeding an extremely potent, easy-to-grow, and very aromatic auto-flowering strain, which will once again set new standards.

  • Auto Lemongrass incorporates the genetics of Auto Lemon Haze, Nova OG Auto, and Moose and Lobsta, which is dominant in Sativa and is characterized by great potency and valuable medical effects. We have succeeded in bringing to the market a unique, strong, and resilient auto-flowering variety, which produces a broad spectrum of euphoric, stimulating, activating, and relaxing effects that put users in a pleasantly floating state and at the same time create an up-lifting mental stimulation. The cerebral long-lasting effects make you social, dispels bad mood, distress and brings a lot of fun when smoked together with friends. It is not for the faint-hearted, because it brings an amazingly high THC content of 25% and easily surpasses many common cannabis strains.

  • This new auto-flowering variety will provide you with XXL yields of the highest quality buds in a short time, which will delight especially experienced users. Fast and quick, it fills your storage jars with rock-hard and super-sticky buds.

  • The aroma and the taste combine the different citrus notes to a wonderfully fruity, sour, and very sweet taste experience, which is rounded off with a fragrant strong notes of fresh grass.

Growing Auto Lemon Grass

  • The variety is easy to grow, blooms quickly and abundantly. It delivers exceptional indoor and outdoor results and has everything a breeder could wish for: high resistance to disease and pests, strong growth and abundant yields. Even on the balcony, she becomes a true high-performer. The plants reach an average height of 70-110 cm. The cycle from germination to flowering takes only 9-10 weeks.

  • The variety is very suitable for various cultivation methods (such as SCROG, SOG ..) and thrives on different media (earth, Koko, hydroponic) exemplary. The versatile terpene profile is best developed in organic growing.

  • Auto Lemongrass creates an incredibly fierce and versatile grass. Just as good grass has to be.

GENETICS 75% Sativa
HEIGHT 70-90 cm • 70-110 cm

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