Auto BubbleGum

Auto BubbleGum
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Auto Bubblegum is a potent cross of a carefully selected Bubblegum and an Auto Granddaddy Purple. By backcrossing, for several generations, we have been able to ensure the stability of this automatic strain and created a genetic auto-flowering masterpiece.

Auto Bubble Gum has a very strong and intense flavor of sweet pink bubblegum that we all remember from our childhood. A kind of sweet mix of strawberries and red fruits. The buds are heavy, compact and covered in sticky crystals.

Auto Bubble Gum is a short and stocky plant that performs well both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors she will grow up to 90 cm tall, indoors she will reach a height of 60-70 cm. She is a productive plant and double-figure yields should be achievable in Sea of Green set-ups with good lighting.

The effects of Auto Bubble Gumweed are as intense as the flavor. Just like the original Bubblegum, she will provide an Indica dominant headshot that is physical and relaxing. The THC content varies from 17 to 21% percent. It is a very potent easy to grow strain and a good choice for gardens with limited space. Experienced growers choose this strain for its reliable yields and potency.

The high provides hard-hitting Indica effects which can lead to some couch lock, especially for less experienced smokers.

Growing Auto Bubblegum

Cultivated indoors these plants grow well in soil or hydro and you can expect yields up to 500g per square meter. Outdoor this strain achieves a yield up to 200g per plant and can be grown also in northern climes. Indoors, the harvest is 10-11 weeks after germination, outdoors harvest is at the end of October. In sunny climates, you can get 2 crops per season.

GENETICS Mostly Indica
HEIGHT 60-70 cm • 90 cm
THC LEVEL 17-21%

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