Cannabis Cup Winners

Cannabis Cup Winners
Our ‘Cup Winners’ section is holy ground reserved purely for strains which have won awards at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup awards. Each of the strains below are champions, some even winning multiple awards, year after year, proving their reputations to the world. These powerful pedigrees pack a heavy punch so be sure to choose wisely and proceed with some caution!
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Critical Kush

The Amazing Cup winning cross of Critical Mass X OG Kush cannabis seeds - a mighty Indica legend fir..

From £9.95

Critical Sensi Star

This strain is the result of crossing a resin-filled specimen of our own Sensi Star with a very famo..

From £29.95

Critical x Jack Herer Auto

The genetic development of this strain was a complex process. It is a cross between two autoflowerin..

From £26.00


Nirvana Crystal is a White Widow hybrid that has been re-back-crossed with Northern Light. Two world..

From £14.95

Delicious Candy

To develop Delicious Candy, we crossed two of the best commercial genetics: Delicious, a unique fema..

From £26.00

Delicious Candy Auto

The development of this strain started with the creation of automatic versions of original..

From £26.00

Double White

This is the result of crossing two elite clones selected around the year 2000, White Widow and Great..

From £14.00

Dutch Cheese

For the creation of Dutch Cheese ( 60% Sativa, 40% Indica) our breeders took the best cheese genetic..

From £23.00

Early Skunk

For excellent results and reliable outdoor performance, Early Skunk could qualify as the best all-ro..

From £21.95

Ed Rosenthal Superbud

The layering of Indica and Sativa qualities in this hybrid is a rare accomplishment. A superb balanc..

From £129.95

El Nino

El Nino was the first prize winner at the BIO High Times Cannabis Cup way back in 1998. As the name ..

From £15.85


Euforia/Euphoria is the product of an intensive Skunk breeding program conducted in the late nineti..

From £26.50

Flash Back #2

A stabilised polygenetic result of cross-breeding very high quality two-way genetics. White Widow, o..

From £14.00

Frisian Dew

The most beautiful outdoor variety we have ever encountered. A Super Skunk female x Purple Star male..

From £22.00

G13 Haze

These cannabis seeds have been created by crossing G13 with our much loved Hawaiian.Creating G13 Haz..

From £9.95

Ganesh Spirit

Developed from a sativa clone originally from Northern India’s mountains. This indica-sativa hybrid ..

From £12.00