Cannabis Cup Winners

Cannabis Cup Winners
Our ‘Cup Winners’ section is holy ground reserved purely for strains which have won awards at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup awards. Each of the strains below are champions, some even winning multiple awards, year after year, proving their reputations to the world. These powerful pedigrees pack a heavy punch so be sure to choose wisely and proceed with some caution!
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Mr Nice G13 x Hashplant

According to weed folklore, the original G13 cutting was rescued from a government research facility..

From £118.00


Peculiar for its strong growth, this strain comes from Black Widow and White Widow.It’s a Sativa wit..

From £6.95

Neville's Haze

Neville's Haze cannabis is one of the strongest Haze varieties from the Greenhouse seed collection. ..

From £23.95

New York 47

To create this variety we have crossed two special copies of complex genetic and look very different..

From £16.95

Night Nurse

Prepare to be heavily sedated! The Night Nurse is a three way hybrid of BC Hashplant x Reeferman Har..

From £62.95

Night Queen

Night Queen is a pure and unhybridised Afghani Indica first seen in the 1980’s and now making a re-a..

From £26.50

Night Shade

Proudly taking the Indica Cup’s 3rd place at the 2006 Cannabis Cup, Barney’s Farm’s Night Shade is a..

From £34.95

NL5 Haze Mist

NL5 Haze Mist is a mix of Northern Lights #5 and Haze Mist which has not yet been entered into compe..

From £16.85

NLX Special

Back in the Eighties Northern Lights was setting the standard by which other Indicas are still judge..

From £5.30

Northern Light

We can’t leave out the Northern Light when we talk about famous plants. Northern Light is used for m..

From £5.30

Northern Light Blue

Northern Light Blue is the result of crossing our own special Northern Light mother with an original..

From £22.25

Northern Lights

If you've never heard of the notorious Northern Lights, you've probably been living under a rock! Th..

From £51.95

Northern Lights

Our variety comes from an old phenotype very difficult to find nowadays. We have cultivated it in hy..

From £6.95

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of three fundamental breeding strains that have changed the face of global ca..

From £41.95

Northern Lights #5 x Haze

RegularOpposites collide in perfect hybrid fusion! Northern Lights#5 x Haze balances the finest feat..

From £46.00

OG Kush

OG Kush is considered one of the ultimate Kush varieties and is famous all over the world because of..

From £5.80