Cannabis Cup Winners

Cannabis Cup Winners
Our ‘Cup Winners’ section is holy ground reserved purely for strains which have won awards at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup awards. Each of the strains below are champions, some even winning multiple awards, year after year, proving their reputations to the world. These powerful pedigrees pack a heavy punch so be sure to choose wisely and proceed with some caution!
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Kaia Kush

Kaia Kush is an High Times Cannabis Cup winning mix of Super Silver Haze x Kush. Its genetics consi..

From £17.95

King Kong

King Kong cannabis seeds take its genetics from Red Congolese and Northern Lights #5, giving it a di..

From £29.95


Kuchi Feminized cannabis seeds produce a little and compact marijuana plant which is perfect for gro..

From £31.95


Kushdee marijuana seeds is a phenomenal Algeria x OG Kush cross from Allstar Genetics.This strain co..

From £29.95

L.A. Cheese

The LA Cheese is an amazing plant with a multi award winning combination of 2 outstanding varieties...

From £34.95

La Frutta Di Venus

La Frutta di Venus is the result of crossing a sensational Great White Shark female from one of our ..

From £21.00

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha strain is an award-winning variety that is very close to a pure Sativa. As the n..

From £8.95

Liberty Haze

Liberty Haze cannabis seeds are not to be overlooked, this variety is a cross between the infamous G..

From £9.95

Malana Bomb Auto

Malana Bomb Auto cannabis seeds are versatile and fast flowering, this strain is the automatic versi..

From £66.95

Marley's Collie

Mrs. Rita Marley was the guest of honour at the 1997 Cannabis Cup. Her presence lifted the normally ..

From £100.00


An explosive mixture of flavours from our genetic dispensary. Critical Mass, which looks like a Sati..

From £18.00

Master Kush

RegularAn Indian-Afghani hybrid created from two true-breeding Indica seed lines that were collected..

From £20.95


Mazar is one of the strongest and best varieties ever created by Dutch Passion. Our original Mazar i..

From £31.00

Mohan Ram

This genetic is based on a selection of White Widow crossed with our sweet selection of SWS02 (S.A.D..

From £16.00

Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a relatively new addition to the Barny’s Farm range of cannabis seeds. Her genetic ..

From £66.95

Mother's Finest

Another incredible hybrid with roots in the Jack Herer breeding program, this next-generation Sativa..

From £66.00