Euforia Cannabis Seeds
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Euforia/Euphoria is the product of an intensive Skunk breeding program conducted in the late nineties by Amsterdam's notorious Dutch Passion seed company. It has proven itself as an award-winner at both the High Times Cannabis Cup and the HighLife Cup. Euforia cannabis seeds produce an easy to grow, high-yielding Sativa known for its uplifting, 'euphoric' high and its tendency to produce a bumper crop after its initial harvest. This strain originates from the same breeding program that produced Orange Bud, Skunk Passion, and many others.


Euforia is excellent for relieving stress; its effects are very upbeat, social, and energetic. Its high will blow your worries away and its easy-going effects are great for anxiety and depression - however its energetic effects are not recommended for those looking to treat insomnia, this one is better as a day-time smoke! Despite its Skunk parentage, its aroma is smells more sweet and flowery than you might expect from a strain with Skunk lineage. Its taste is a rich, sweet, skunky flavour with notes of pine and wood.


Euforia cannabis seeds produce plants roughly 1-1.5m tall, with impressive THC levels of around 18%! The plants respond very well to cloning, making this strain an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable mother. The flowering period indoors is around 7-8 weeks and outdoors, the plant can be harvested between the end of October and the beginning of November. This potent, high-yielding, easy-to-grow strain is a popular choice among many expert growers and is recommended by, and available through, our team here at SeedMasters!

CLIMATE Indoor/Greenhouse
GENETICS Sativa Dominant