The Rules of California's Legalization of Marijuana

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Voters approved Proposition 64 in California on Tuesday, a basic idea but the legalization of Marijuana has got some very complicated rules!


The majority of the people in Americas most populous state requested that adults simply be allowed to consume cannabis whenever they chose, much like a bottle of beer at 5pm but looking at the proposition that covers over 60 pages, it looks anything but basic!

Here's what you need to know, from Amanda Reiman who is the Drug Policy Alliance Manager of marijuana law and policy.

So what exactly happened Tuesday?
Voters pass the Proposition 64 by a margin of around 56% to 44% to legalize cannabis, this comes after Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Colorado.
This result has come 20 years after California became the 1st state to legalize medical Marijuana in 1996.

What's the difference between Nov 8th and Nov 9th?
Well as there currently aren't any cannabis shops yet and you still can't walk into a medical dispensary unless you possess a patient card. However, Any adult over the age of 21 years in California can now possess, share and grow their pot at home. Adults can have a nice ounce in their pocket of flowers, or say 8 grams of the concentrate used in vape pens and just consume it without fear of being arrested!

A Cannabis Dispensary


But where can you get your cannabis if you can't buy from dispensaries?
Well, this is a little complicated because it's still verboten to go buy any from the black market and "you can't just go legally buy yourself a cannabis plant" says Reiman " but someone can give you one.”

So if you know someone who is already cultivating a marijuana plant in the back garden she says that they would be allowed to share the bud or the clone with a friend who could then begin to grow their own, as long as no money changes hands.“There could be a whole sharing economy that emerges,” says Reiman
as the state will do the work of setting up the legal markets.

When can I just walk into a shop and purchase myself some pot?
This isn't looking very likely til at least 2018. The state has a whole host of regulations which they have to get through and localities also will have the ability to put forward different rules too there is so much red tape. Places like Oakland and San Fransico which already have a robust medical marijuana business could get it through much sooner says, Reiman. January 1st is the deadline for the state to begin issuing licenses to those pot shops so at least that is a safe bet.

Do you have to grow your weed inside your home?
No, however, growing the plants in your home is the easier way to be sure that you are abiding by the regulations which require that home cultivation gets done in a "fully enclosed and secure" way....." and "this concern comes from there being a worry that plants may entice robbers if people are flaunting that they have a valuable product,” says Reiman.

Each household has a limit of how many plants it can grow , no matter how many people occupy the home. The limit is six plants at a time. For anyone living in rural area's, it would be easier to set up a little greenhouse outside in a remote spot. People living in denser places could have a difficult time keeping plants outdoors from "plain sight".


Where can we consume cannabis?
No one can consume their pot in public. However, though Proposition 64 will soon begin to allow licensed on-site consumption, Reiman says she imagines that this will happen like the Amsterdam Coffeeshop even, but no business can actually sell tobacco or alcohol aswell as cannabis. The safest thing to do is just consume your weed in a private resident until this all changes. Reman says that pending local rules the people who are in California should eventually be allowed to host private events where marijuana is smoked and that hotels (or bud and breakfast) could choose to explicitly allow people to consume weed on their premises.

What kind of edibles is ok?


Cannabis Edible Sweets

Edibles in California will need to be low in dose, which breaks off into sections with 10 milligrammes of the psychoactive agent THC. That way people know exactly how much they are ingesting. The edibles will also need to be in child-proof packaging and be plain and simple so not to appeal to children. Reiman says that it's predicted that the sugary products may begin to come in more of a raw, gluten-free, vegan, superfood variety.

Can we take cannabis on a plane?
No. cannabis can't be taken across the state lines. In every state with legal pot, products must only be grown and consumed in that state only from seed to sale and that's because of the federal prohibition of the drug.
Reiman says “Give it to your driver,”  as apparently, Taxi drivers who are taking people to airports have been getting some real interesting tips lately.

What about consuming weed while driving?


Stoned Driving

It is 100% illegal to consume any form of drugs while operating a vehicle, aircraft, boat or any other form of vessel. This will be one rule which will always stand. The protocols which determine if the driver is impaired by cannabis will be set by the Highway Patrol of California

If there is anyone that has got themselves a felony by cultivating 6 or fewer plants in the past, they now have a case for getting their record wiped clean now that it's legal.


Reiman said “We encourage people to think about cannabis in a new way,” says Reiman, “as something that is perfectly acceptable for adults to do in a responsible way. That’s one of the messages that legalization sends.”

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