How CBD Affects Headaches and Migraines

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Learn How CBD (Cannabidiol) Can Affect Headaches and Migraines.


Cannabidiol or CBD is well-known for its ability to treat migraines. It had been used for this purpose for hundreds of years. In the 19th century, doctors were using it in tinctures. But later the so called “war against drugs” that started in the 1930s made Cannabis illegal worldwide, and it became impossible for doctors to prescribe marijuana as a cure not only for migraines but also for several other health conditions.

Several medical surveys have shown that marijuana can ease the symptoms of migraine and prevent them from affecting people. Science shown that there are some chemical components in the Cannabis plant that are better at reducing the pain caused by migraine than prescription drugs. The facts show that the active components in Marijuana are more effective at reducing the frequency of acute migraine pain than prescription pills against migraine, and with fewer side effects. The results show that those that took a daily dosage of CBD and THC for 3 months faced less pain than those that other people.

There is a network of cannabinoid receptors inside the brain and the entire human body that affects how pain is felt by one. Marijuana has natural compounds called cannabinoids that work with the receptors in the human body. Through this, one that takes marijuana is relieved from the pain they suffer.  CBD is non-psychoactive, so it does not have the psychoactive effect of THC. It is becoming an increasingly reliable method of treating severe migraines. CBD is a FAAH (fatty acid amide hydroxylase) inhibitor so it is an efficient pain reliever. Anandamide is broken down by FAAH in the body. When CBD inhibits the production of FAAH, higher levels of the endocannabinoid that relives pain enters the body, and those that suffer from severe headaches get relieved.

40% of 121 people involved in a study at the University of Colorado got relieved from their migraines after using cannabis daily. Not much scientific research has been done, but from the research that has been conducted, the effectiveness of CBD as a cure for migraines can be seen and seems to work well for headaches.

But there is not much Clinical research to support all these. This is because there is a small number of Studies conducted on marijuana as a result of the restrictions on its usage and cultivation. But as the Western World is changing and the Drugs related Policies become more tolerant,  in more countries the cultivation of Cannabis becomes more acceptable. The historical facts show that CBD has been used for migraines all over the planet  Additionally it has also been proven that CBD is effective against many painful conditions, including headaches.

In the future, as more research is done, a lot more will be revealed about how CBD helps to relieve migraines and headaches. There are suggestions that various strains of cannabis be tested to determine how effective each strain is for relieving pain. The effect of cannabis on migraine should be tested to know how effective it could be as a treatment for headaches and migraines. The test should also include a test of various strains along with different doses in a bid to better understand how marijuana affects the treatment of prophylaxis, migraine and headaches.

The potentials of CBD as a cure for migraines and headaches are yet to be fully tapped. But as marijuana regulations get relaxed, it is hoped that more research will be done, and further effective uses of CBD will be discovered so more lives can benefit from CBD.



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