5 Tips To Help You Dab Like A Real Pro

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Do you remember the good old days when only the super stoners knew what dabbing was? 

Dabbing Rig

Over the past few years, the popularity of dabbing has skyrocketed. However, there are still many heavy smokers who still haven't tried out dabbing to see what it is like. Dabbing with other people can be just as fun as it is to pass a bowl around and take bong rips. We have compiled a short list of the different ways that everybody can dab like real pros - no matter what their skill level.  


What Is Dabbing?


Now before we launch into a comprehensive dabbing lesson, first it is very important for you to have a good understanding of what dabbing actually is. Instead of using a glass pipe or water pipe to smoke herbs, dabbers smoke concentrates (oils or waxes) using dab rings. The oils come from the plants that produce the herbs.


4-Step Dabbing Instructions:


1. Use a torch to heat your nail until it is visibly hot.

2. Put the glass dome on top of the nail. Let it cool for 10 to 45 seconds.

3. While slowly inhaling, apply the concentrate inside of the nail.

4. Exhale.


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5 Steps to Dabbing Like a Pro


1 - Don't Take Big Dabs


Compared to smoking, dabbing has a much stronger and different effect on people. Concentrates have a tendency to be a lot more potent compared to the herbs they are derived from. You can end up having a bad experience if you take huge dabs.


Only take smaller dabs that allow you to control your level of intake - especially if this is your first time dabbing.


2 - Dab at a Lower Temperature


You probably have heard somebody complain at some point about having a negative dabbing experience. Maybe they complained about a nauseating, sudden loss of balance, unpleasant tastes or feeling discomfort in their chest. In practically also of those case, we can guarantee you that they were dabbing at a high temperature.


Although it is true that the goal of dabbing is heating the nail until it gets visible hot, as we previously said, one of the most critical steps in this process is to allow it to cool. An overly hot dabbing nail will cause the concentrates to combust, and that creates an inhalation process that is very unpleasant.


Higher temperature dabs can also eliminate terpenes potentially, which are the organic compounds which create the unique flavor and alluring smell.


Always let the dab nail cool after it is heated up in order to keep up good dabbing vibes and avoid those painful sensations.


3 - Use Gloves


Keep in mind that concentrated oils have a slippery consistency and slimy texture. The substance is similar to honey. And if you touch the oils with your bare hands it will transfer bacteria in your skin to your oil.


If you wear gloves it will protect the oils from contamination and dilution. that means when you are ready to start smoking, your oils will be free of contaminants. Gloves also help to prevent concentrates from sticking to your hands.


There are actually specialized tools that completely eliminate needing to ever touch concentrates using your hands. We will discuss that later.


4 - Frequently Clean Your Piece


Your dab ring needs to stay clean, especially for potent hits. It is also easier to clean dab rings than water pipes. It is easier to clean it the more often you do it.


Just using hot water can do the job for mild residue traces.


When you have a clean pipe, you can taste the concentrates without the taste being affected by old concentrates.


5 - Accessorize Carefully


Do you ever try smoking herbs without having a grinder? We didn't think you did.


There are a few accessories that you could consider to be inseparable from the dab rig. There are certain accessories that you need to have for dabbing - such as the nail, dabbing tool, and torch.


There are also accessories that help to protect your piece against wear and tear. Each time your piece is put down on a hard surface - a wooden floor, a glass table, or something else - it sends a small shock through the piece. These minor shocks over time can cause hairline cracks inside of the pipe. To help prevent the spread of cracks it is a good idea to put your piece on a silicone mat. That will also help to reduce pet hairs being transferred to the piece, which can detract from your dabbing experience.


Silicone mats are made out of non-stick material and designed to prevent concentrates from sticking. It still is a good idea to close your concentrates when they are not in use.


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