Allstar Genetics

Allstar Genetics

Allstar Genetics (ASG) began in the 90's during a boom in the cannabis industry.

Originally they didn't act as a seed company but instead provided vital support to the Amsterdam cannabis scene, gradually earning their reputation as a successful seed bank over time. Their extensive collection of both old school and new school genetics will easily satisfy any customer. With a strong focus on variety and quality, it is no surprise that ASG have held their own in the industry as an official seed bank for so long.

Working with a small group of medical patients and growers, ASG have multiple growers testing each strain in different conditions in order to test their strains more rigorously. ASG produce seeds in small batches, in order to ensure the freshness most other companies simply cannot match.

The Allstar Genetics line up currently consists of 8 strains, however they will offer more over time as their up and coming strains pass their breeding program to be released to consumers.

Their stated goal as a company is to create strains with wide variations in characteristics rather than simply creating a multitude of different varieties overall. Their strains are a favourite in Amsterdam's best coffee shops and ASG have multiple HTCC award-winning strains to offer.

A legendary seed bank providing fresh cannabis seeds via us here at!

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King Kong

King Kong cannabis seeds take its genetics from Red Congolese and Northern Lights #5, giving it a di..

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Kushdee marijuana seeds is a phenomenal Algeria x OG Kush cross from Allstar Genetics.This strain co..

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Westside marijuana seeds are an Afghani x Northern Lights cross that produces seriously dense buds i..

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Zilvermist is a cross of marijuana seeds getting its genetics from the infamous Supersilver Haze.Sui..

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