King Kong - Cannabis Seeds

King Kong - Cannabis Seeds
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King Kong cannabis seeds takes its genetics from Red Congolese and Northern Lights #5, giving it a diverse range of impressive traits and a healthy genetic backbone.

  • Red Congo x NL #5 make for the perfect combination. Together they make King Kong the stable, productive and potent plant that we all want from our cannabis seeds.

  • This strain’s unique and satisfying flavour is evident in its aroma. It has a strong sandalwood flavour with deep undertones of liquorice.

  • King Kong is a great all-rounder that is bound to impress the Sativa enthusiasts. Her exotic flavours, potent smoke, and great yields make for a very rewarding strain.

It's Red Congolese genetics augment it with powerful tropical flavours and its Northern Lights parentage improves yield and stability. This strain is a perfect addition to the Sativa lover’s collection.

EFFECTSStrong High
FLOWERING TIME10 - 11.5 Weeks
GENETICSSativa 60% / Indica 40%
HEIGHT120-150 cm

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