Kaligria - Cannabis Seeds

Discontinued Kaligria - Cannabis Seeds
  • Brand: Allstar Genetics
  • Product Code: Allstar Genetics
  • Availability: Discontinued
  • £26.95

Kaligria is definitely one for the Sativa fanatics: these top-notch cannabis seeds produce some of the most majestic plants ever seen.

  • Kaligria is a Kali Mist x Alegria cross. The combination of these well-known and respected strains has resulted in a very solid cross, renowned for its bright colors, sweet flavor, and awesome yield.

  • This strain can grow to some pretty monstrous heights due to its Sativa parentage. It performs best outdoors in moderate climates, where its yields can exceed 55g per square foot.

  • Kaligria is renowned for its light purple color display, and the emergence of bright pink pistils later in the flowering season can indicate that harvest is drawing near.

  • She produces well, shooting up long, sticky colas which turn light purple and pink later in the flowering season. Kaligria’s flavor and scent are in their own league, and her impressive color display is bound to amaze.

  • Unfortunately, this seed bank has now been discontinued.

CLIMATE Indoor/Outdoor
EFFECTS Uplifting High
FLOWERING TIME 10 - 11.5 Weeks
GENETICS Sativa 60% / Indica 40%
HEIGHT 150-175 cm
YIELD 450-550g