High THC Cannabis Seeds

High THC Cannabis Seeds

This section is a collection of the most powerful and potent high THC cannabis seeds available to our team at SeedMasters.com!

We have carefully picked the very strongest strains in terms of high THC content, saving you time and providing you with some ferocious world class genetics that will seriously blow your socks off! We are excited to showcase the indisputable potency of these champion strains and to do our bit to make them more accessible as a whole.

Our High THC cannabis seeds are reserved for those with real tolerance, those who are brave, and those who are just plain irresponsible! This list is NOT for newbies!!!

These strains are perfect for the professional, long-term enthusiasts looking to put some raw horsepower behind their breeding operations, for the established home-growers looking to try something even more rewarding, or just for anyone with courage who is looking to put some hairs on their chest! Whatever your situation, it's safe to say these will not disappoint!

..and as always you can expect nothing less than 
high-quality cannabis seeds when you buy from our team here at SeedMasters.com! 
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Auto Blue Pyramid

After a long time of careful breeding and work, we finally have our Blue variety, on a Blueberry bas..

From £4.95

Auto Blueberry Banana

Auto Blueberry Banana is the result of our outstanding Auto Banana Kush and an original Blueberry fr..

From £21.95

Auto BubbleGum

Auto Bubblegum is a potent cross of a carefully selected Bubblegum and an Auto Granddaddy Purple. By..

From £19.45

Auto Colorado Cookies

Auto Colorado Cookies are some of the strongest Indica-dominant auto cannabis seeds we have found so..

From £29.95

Auto Critical Mazar

Critical x Mazar bulk cannabis seeds are a solid Indica-dominant hybrid. A cross between two aw..

From £145.00

Auto Critical Soma

Auto Critical Soma is a fruity, fully automatic hybrid strain developed by Advanced Seeds. It is kno..

From £14.75

Auto Cup Cakez

An evenly balanced, flavor packed Auto comprised of sticky and compact, pastel pink and blue buds th..

From £18.95

Auto Forbidden Mints

Auto Forbidden Mints Seeds are a fruit cocktail of Cherry Pie x Tangie, crossed with a selected Doub..

From £9.95

Auto Fresh Candy

After having worked on the 2001 regular Sweet Tooth seeds from Spice of Life, we selected this pheno..

From £4.95

Auto Future #1

After the incredible success of our unique and multi-award-winning Future # 1, our breeders set to w..

From £21.95

Auto Galaxy

Hybrid between Afghani and Northern Lights, Galaxy is a variety that surprised us for its great yiel..

From £5.95

Auto Ghost OG

Our Auto OG Kush just got even better with the addition of Colorado Ghost OG cannabis seeds.In this ..

From £7.00

Auto Imperium X

Auto Imperium X has emerged from a City of God, The White Angel and a Auto Future #1. With lengthy a..

From £21.95

Auto Kryptonite

We took several phenotypes of the Granada Mountains and crossed them with our varieties to find a pl..

From £4.95

Auto Lemongrass

Auto Lemongrass is the latest evolution in auto-flowering genetics. Our breeders used their man..

From £21.95

Auto Lennon

Lennon comes from a selection of Jack Herer crossed with Haze. This is a Sativa hybrid, very psychoa..

From £5.95