High THC Cannabis Seeds

High THC Cannabis Seeds

This section is a collection of the most powerful and potent high THC cannabis seeds available to our team at SeedMasters.com!

We have carefully picked the very strongest strains in terms of high THC content, saving you time and providing you with some ferocious world class genetics that will seriously blow your socks off! We are excited to showcase the indisputable potency of these champion strains and to do our bit to make them more accessible as a whole.

Our High THC cannabis seeds are reserved for those with real tolerance, those who are brave, and those who are just plain irresponsible! This list is NOT for newbies!!!

These strains are perfect for the professional, long-term enthusiasts looking to put some raw horsepower behind their breeding operations, for the established home-growers looking to try something even more rewarding, or just for anyone with courage who is looking to put some hairs on their chest! Whatever your situation, it's safe to say these will not disappoint!

..and as always you can expect nothing less than 
high-quality cannabis seeds when you buy from our team here at SeedMasters.com! 
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Black Destroyer

There are many times when weed seeds just don't live up to their name, but with the Black Destroyer ..

From £8.00

Black Diesel

Black Diesel cannabis seeds are a Sativa-dominant hybrid with award-winning NYCD parentage. It is we..

From £22.25

Black Ghost OG

Black Ghost OG combines two off of our most powerful top draw genetics, Black Domina and Colorado Gh..

From £8.00

Black Gum

It sounds sticky doesn´t it? Black Gum is a cross between the devastating Black Domina and old schoo..

From £8.00

Black Valium

Black Valium is both extremely sedative and deeply meditative. Also, she is very good for pain-numbi..

From £9.75


We have created this variety for foodies who love marijuana. The mix of flavors offered by our Black..

From £7.95

Blackberry Gum

Seedstockers Blackberry Gum is an unusual phenotype found after crossing a Bubble Gum male plant wit..

From £8.95

Blackberry Gum Auto

Blackberry Gum auto is one of the best-looking autos that we have seen with a rich fruity taste and ..

From £8.95

Blackberry Moonrocks

Blackberry Moonrocks feminized seeds bear a unique, high-quality genetic package that has been devel..

From £29.45

Blue Amnesia XXL Auto

Blue Amnesia XXL Auto cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized autoflowering Sativa/Ind..

From £6.50

Blue Critical Auto

Blue Critical Auto cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized autoflowering Indica-domina..

From £6.50

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, making it great for indoor growers who want to experiment wi..

From £8.95

Blue Dream Auto

Violet Kush Auto is a perfect auto-flowering variety for those seeking a short flowering cycle yet d..

From £8.95

Blue Dream Sherbet

You have heard about the blue dream success, and we know you have heard about the sunset sherbet.. W..

From £30.95

Blue Dream Sherbet Auto

You have heard about the blue dream success, and I know you heard about the sunset sherbet.. What wo..

From £26.95

Blue Dream'matic

The sativa dominant hybrid Blue Dream is a staple of the US west coast cannabis scene. The original ..

From £9.95