Auto Ghost OG - Cannabis Seeds

Auto Ghost OG - Cannabis Seeds
  • £7.00

Our Auto OG Kush just got even better with the addition of Colorado Ghost OG cannabis seeds.

In this new and improved version of our OG Kush Auto, we used the Colorado Ghost cut, improving the taste, flavor and effect. The only aspect that remains the same is the simplicity to grow. Even a novice grower will be able to produce top quality THC crystal packed nugs in less than 75 days from seed to harvest which are both stimulating and relaxing. The taste and aroma remains seductive and earthy but with a more heavier citrus and piney background delivering a powerful body stone with a happy euphoric effect leading to a dreamy relaxation with the power to alleviate stress, anxiety and sleep issues. These strong effects can also assist with pain and depression and is a great cannabis to boost your appetite and make you feel positive, especially following illness or just to make you feel better about the world. If you want the best OG Kush weed in the shortest possible time, these new Colorado Ghost auto-flowering cannabis seeds from Original Sensible will deliver.

CLIMATE Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse - Cool, Hot & Temperate
GENETICS Colorado Ghost OG x Auto OG Kush - Mostly Indica
HEIGHT 60 - 120 cm
YIELD Outdoor: 120 gr/Per Plant Indoor: 400 gr/m2