UK News: A Giant Step for Medical Marijuana Users!

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The medical marijuana industry has made great strides in recent years, with the potential health benefits of compounds such as CBD and THC making the headlines across the mainstream media.


These potential benefits have lent strength to the legalisation movement and have improved the overall outlook in terms of cannabis legalization. These recent findings, however, are not only of interest to those of us within the cannabis community but are also beginning to turn heads in both the scientific and medical communities. At the cutting edge of this revolution in patient care is the swish-sounding ‘Medipen’ and a humble National Health Service (NHS) unit here in the UK.

Medipen is a new CBD vaporiser that is currently sold on the market in the UK as ‘an all-natural, slick, stylish and completely legal way to enjoy using CBD’. Interestingly enough, its medicinal potential is currently being tested by one NHS unit here in the UK. This is an unprecedented step for medical cannabis in the UK (although other treatments containing CBD do exist, they are prescription based and not intended for widespread, commercial consumption).

Not only could this treatment program lead to an improvement in care that could benefit thousands of patients suffering various conditions across the UK, but it may also help to push through more lenient legislation in regards to cannabis consumption overall.

The substance used in the Medipen, unlike cannabis in its natural form, does not contain THC, meaning it lacks any psychoactive element. Instead, it uses the most potent medicinal compound available in the cannabis plant: CBD. With rigorous testing taking place already, the company have been in contact with groups of production and regulatory support pharmacists from across the NHS, who are already busy testing their cannabis oil formula.

A public report should be coming forward soon which will detail whether the products will conform to the purity and cannabinoid profiles required. Although this is merely the first stage of many, it’s still a huge leap towards having a medical marijuana based treatment available on UK shelves. With states across America having already set a president on the legalisation of cannabis, the UK is more likely to follow suit. Previous examples of cannabis legalisation have been enormously successful and have allowed for important expansions and improvements in medical care.

Medipen creators have said, “As the first consumer cannabis product to be tested by the NHS, we are confident that this will go a long way towards creating a properly regulated marijuana market in the UK and are extremely excited to see what the future holds.”

Although the NHS have been unable to comment on the current Medipen trials (let alone any further developments), due to a strict non-disclosure policy, they have stated that “cannabidiol is present in the authorised multiple sclerosis spray product ‘Sativex’, though this is prescription only.” Reading between the lines, we assume that this is good news for the future prospects of Medipen and other similar products.

The Medipen has been available on the market for a little over a year. In that short time, the company has worked to change public perceptions of medicinal cannabis across the world. With a huge influx of positive reviews praising the product for its painkilling properties, Medipen is bringing long-awaited satisfaction to a hungry market. The product is reported to provide relief for a wide range of ailments, including everything from depression and anxiety to arthritis and fibromyalgia.

According to managing director Jordan Owen, “Over the past year, the MediPen has quickly become without a doubt one of the most highly-rated CBD products in the world”. Now imagine where the company could go with a thumbs up from (and a possible contract with?) the NHS!

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