Happy Easter, lets make Cannabis Hot Chocolate

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Warm those chilly nights with a yummy Cannabis Hot Chocolate!


Ingriediants needed:
1 x 1/3 cup raw/unroasted cacao paste (a.k.a cacao liquor or 100% cacao)
1x quart of unsweetened non-dairy milk (Soya/Almond/Coconut)
0.4 grams of cannabis buds
1 x tablespoon of coconut oil
1 x cup of coconut sugar
1 x tin of squirty cream
1 teaspoon of chocolate/cinnamon power

Optional but totally recommended:
10 – 15 hulled cardamom seeds
5 – 10 black peppercorns
1 x thumb-sized piece of fresh turmeric root
1 x thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger root

Equipment Needed:
Pestle and Mortar
Crockpot / Saucepan 
Mesh seive, nut milk bag, or old t-shirt
Blender that has a tight-fittied lid

1. Add your dairy-free milk of choice to your saucepan and set to low (dairy milk will work, but expect a decrease in the potency and flavour of the cacao). The ideal temperature range is between 125 and 200 degrees F. If you let the saucepan get too hot, you will risk vaporizing the cannabinoids that you are trying to extract.


2. Then peel and chop up your ginger & turmeric (but be careful not to let the turmeric stain everything as its a bugger to get out!). Then grab your mortar and pestle and crush the peppercorns & cardamom. (You can pulse them whole in a blender if you like instead of using a pestle & mortar)



3. Break up your cannabis buds and add the herb and spices to the warming saucepan.Then  add a tablespoon or so of the coconut oil, and that will then increase the fat content and further support the extraction process.



4. So then, now that everything has been added to the saucepan, let it simmer on low for 6 - 8 hours (or over night might be better). Make sure not to leave the saucepan unattended unless you are sure it will stay below 200 degrees F. If you don’t have a saucepan, you can simmer all of these ingredients in a pot on the stove for two hours, stirring and checking the temperature regularly, to make sure that it stays between 125 and 200 degrees F.



5. Then strain the herb & spice matter out of the milk with your seive strainer, nut milk bag, or old, clean shirt. (Dont forget that the turmeric will stain anything it touches permanently). Then the colour should have changed to a darkish yellow or greeny colour. Its Magic!!! Then use a spatula & make sure you press all of the golden green goodness out of the herbs and spices & you will want every single drop of that precious lucious liquid.



6. The get your ultra-delicious cannabis infused golden milk and pour it into the blender. Be sure to check the temperature if possible to ensure that it is between 120 & 140 degrees F. Then you need to add the cacao paste & coconut sugar, you can put more than specified if desired for your own personal taste. Honey or maple syrup (for falvour) can also be substituted for the coconut sugar. Make sure your blender lid is on nice and tight and that you’re holding it in place on top of the blender. Hot liquids in a blender can cause the lid to fall off. The blend all  of the ingredients.


7. Once you have finished the blending, take a sniff of the gorgeous stuff. Notice that extra thick consistency & just enjoy it slowly. It’s guaranteed to taste as amazing as it smells, i can assure you!

8. Squirt i nice big dollop of squirty cream over the top of your hot chocolate, then use the choc/cinnamon powder to sprinkle over the top (This isnt essential but it just makes it even more yummy.

Happy Easter everyone from all of us at SeedMasters, we hope you enjoy your Cannabis Hot Chocolate!

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