FDA Permits Synthetic, Liquid THC Product

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The FDA have made a approval of a synthetic THC!



A great step for people with Alzheimer’s, seizures, nausea and chronic pain as the U.S Food & Drug Administration has now approved a liquid, synthetic THC product to use for those conditions and many other things which marijuana has been proven effective therapy. This report came from Motherboard.



Commonly known by the name Marinol, syndros is a liquid form of Dronabinol and it has been around for a while, since the 1980s. Listed by the FDA this new drug is a Schedule III which means that they consider it to be a free and safe of any addictive tendencies. It has also been considered less effective than its natural counterpart because it is lacking other compounds which are found in marijuana this is because of its liquid form.


Syndros would be much easier for the body to absorb than the Domabinol that is delivered in a pill form.


The CEO and president of Insys Therapeutics and creators of Syndros Dr.John Kapoor have said that the company expects the drug to become "a significant long term commercial opportunity"


“We are very pleased to announce FDA approval of Syndros. We believe that Syndros will be an important new treatment option for patients suffering from the devastating effects of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, as well as those fighting anorexia associated with weight loss in AIDS,” Kapoor said in a press release announcing the approval.


A Los Angeles based Medical Cannabis physician called Dr William Eidelman has said that while he will prescribe Marinol that many patients do prefer the traditional marijuana over the synthetics.


He said “Some people want the Marinol prescription for the reason that having the prescription gives it an additional level of legal acceptability under federal law,”


In the U.S there is around 9,500 prescriptions for dronabinol, comparatively according to a study which was published by ProCon on May 3rd there were 1,246,170 patients which are enrolled in U.S medical cannabis programs.

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