DEA announce Cannabis will remain on the Schedule I

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Decision has been made regarding Cannabis remaining on the Schedule I


All of the cannabis community have been eagerly waiting for the announcement by the DEA in regards to cannabis being on Schedule I alongside with Heroin and Crack Cocaine.


We've all been hopeful that this would change but all hope has been shot down.


The NPR has reported that the DEA will be putting it forward that there is no change to the status of cannabis via the Controlled Substances Act.


Wednesday the hype had begun to build in regards to a possible statement. According to Russell Baer, DEA spokesman there would be a announcement which was taking place on Thursday but he didn’t say what it would be.


Many other reports have indicated that there would be a announcement, however NPR have reported that Chuck Rosenberg, DEA chief had said on Wednesday that the DEA have decided that they would not be rescheduling cannabis or removing it from the list of controlled substances and that the decision hadn’t been based on "danger" but had been based on whether cannabis, as determined by the FSA is a "effective and safe medicine"


It looks as though the FDA have taken the position-contrary numerous scientific studies and that the testimony of countless patients, that it is not.


In 4 states legal recreational cannabis markets are operating and 25 states have legalized using cannabis for medical use, but there continues to be no example of anyone infact ever dying or overdosing directly from marijuana use, but alcohol continues to kill over 80,000 people per year in the US alone aswell as ruin lives of families of those who are addicted. All the rumours which had circled earlier this summer we were hoping that there would be some positive news but then again, we aren’t surprised.


Stay tuned for more developments, we will update this story as the news develops but if you fancy checking out where this all first began, click here.



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13/08/2016, 03:25:41 PM

Again this system is corrupt and the reptilian Draconian in these Positions need to be removed from office. Lets demand DEA Chief to resign from his title. He clearly has not been educated and again this resistance to understanding that Cannabis-Marijuana does NOT belong in the same category Schedule # 1 as "Heroin and Crack Cocaine"! So lets "Petition DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg's resignation" ! This antidisestablishmentarianism Against "Cannabis" will Not to be tolerated by the people of the United States of America !

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