Cannabis Growing for Dummies

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Growing Cannabis can be daunting, so here's a few tips:



1. Buy some Killer Seeds
Great Seed means great weed! There a massive load of strains and hybrids for you to mess about with so as you become the more experienced grower you can begin to experiment with all types of different seeds and has tons of quality seeds right here for you to choose from!!


2. Get yourself the best container you can for growing

Once that stealthy little package has arrived from it’s time to get those seeds into something to grow in. You will need something which is around the same size as a 5 gallon bucket and make sure you have plenty of holes for drainage.

A fabric pot, deep flower pot, or a nice sturdy basket will do and then drill some holes in the bottom.

You really don’t want your plant to be sat all undrained and soggy because it could damage the plants roots and lead to mould.



3. Be sure to only use nutrient rich soil
Look for a soil like compost, earthworm castings, bat guano, kelp meal, coco fiber or peat moss but make sure you don’t touch anything that is "slow release" or "extended" nutrient’s because these additives throw off the plant when it’s in the flowering stage.



4. Spout the cannabis seeds
So you’ve got all of the prep work done and now you need to plant your seeds, plop them down about 1/2.1 inch deep holes. Then water the soil until it is nice moist and in a nice warm place.



5. Water your new-born sprout
It is imperative that you don’t let your little baby sprout dry out; you must keep it moist, use a little spray bottle to do so. When the first leaves sprout you will see they are rounded and look much like cannabis leaves but it’s fine don’t panic, I is the first steps of your little plants life. Once it’s had some time it will start growing and you'll see some tiny little recognizable cannabis leaves.



6. Bring in the light!
As soon as you see those little recognizable leaves it will be time to start thinking about light. In so many ways the light management is the most important part of the marijuana cultivation so make sure you get focused here, as you will need to give your little plants at least 18 hours of light a day!

You’re probably wondering how it is possible to get 18hours of day; well this is where you will begin to need a fluorescent lamp to make sure you are providing all the light they need. As long as they’re getting around 18 or more hours of light then the plant will think that it is in the "vegetation" phase and this means it will provide all of its energy into establishing the roots and then growing itself into a strong, bushy and healthy plants. You won’t see any buds for a few more months but if you are patient during the vegetation phase and you give all the light it needs you will be so thankful with some real serious bud production later on.



7. Feed your plants
There are many things you can feed to your little plants but if you want the simplest then just grab yourself some plant food that has been formulated specially for the specific needs of the cannabis plant.

Google it and you will find plenty of great ideas on what you canna feed your weed plant, including things like compost, vinegar, wood ash and even your own wee!!



8. Make sure your giving lots of TLC
The vegetation phase is the most important and longest phase of a marijuana plants life so make sure you are giving it some tender loving care while its growing.

  • After watering wait until the top inch of the soil is dry before you water it again.
  • Make sure that your plant is kept at a comfy temp, 70-85 F (20 - 30c) is perfect
  • Keep your eyes peeled for mould, disease,, spots or fungus then make sure you remove any damaged  little leaves
  • Be sure you follow fertilizer directions so you can maintain a healthy soil and encourage some strong growth.
  • Keep those lights on!



9. Time to trigger that flowering cycle
Once your plants have grown to a good size that you want it is time to trigger the flowering cycle, and you do this by cutting back some of the light that it gets.

When you make your plan begin to flower you need to start introducing some "night" somewhere around 12 hours of dark a day will do the trick. Keep it all simple and stick with a 12/12 pattern to get the strong flowering, so 12 light, 12 dark.



10. Harvest, Dry and then Cure
This is the exciting part! You are so close, stick to the directions for just a little bit longer. When your cannabis plant has produced the buds it’s time to harvest. Cut those buds away from the plant and be sure to remove any big stems or leaves.

You need to then find somewhere that you can hang them up and dry the, for a few days.

Make sure that you are checking a few times a day how dry those buds are and as soon as the smaller stems begin to snap and the thick stems are bendy you know it is time to move straight on to the curing stage.

When you are curing you cannabis (which experts will say that this is the key to getting the most best potency out of your weeds) you just need to simply put those dry buds into a glass Mason jar which have screw on lids.

Keep those jars away hidden in a dark place and just keep check on the moisture content every now and again, if it seems too moist then let it air out a little until the bids are nice and sticky/.


That’s it, you did it!!!! Now its time to celebrate with a nice fatty!


Those seeds you bought from 4 months ago have sprouted, grown flowered and now it’s time to sit back, chill and enjoy the fruits of your labour so spark one up and get ready for the next batch to grow!!

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