Cannabis Farm in Shopping Arcade!

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Police find a Cannabis farm in a shopping arcade!


Today 3 people were arrested after an engineer caught a whiff of cannabis.


The Police must’ve been chuffed to bits with themselves after finding this haul of cannabis worth £500,000 (that’s $707,350 to our American friends).

In a bustling shopping centre in the middle of a shopping arcade in Birmingham City was a thriving little cannabis farm run by 3 people. An Engineer had been called out on a routine visit to the unidentified address in City Arcade which is just off Union Street this morning, and this engineer smelt some fruity cannabis in the air and alerted the Police.

Investigations revealed that there was a very high level of electricity being used and the police had found three rooms filled with hundreds of plants being grown, in a store which used to be a Debenhams store.



Lady Who Runs Sily Sids

The lady on the left runs the shop Sily Sids underneath the farm and is "appauled" that it had gone on under her nose.


The West Midlands Police Cannabis Team then tweeted “Local officers attended the address to discover the cannabis set up and also made three arrests for cannabis cultivation.”


Sometimes it feels as though this country is taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. How long will it be before we join those American states in legalising cannabis?


Anyway enough about that, 420 soon!!!




420 Soon!


In just 6 days it’s the 420 celebration, and it’s about time that it became the celebration it should be.

In the past years there has been some really difficult and fought but successful wars to make marijuana available to those who have medical needs in some states and fully legal in some others. It seems that in America both availability and legalization are poised to gain more ground in 2016. We want England to catch on!

Recreational and medical users have every reason to roll u p a joint and celebrate; it’s time to pull out 420 out of the sky and into the mainstream.


With 420 on its way how are you all planning on celebrating? Parties? How have you spent past 420's and what is the plan for the 420, 2016? Let us know, we want to hear all of your wonderful plans, even if it’s just 2 of you in front of an open fire with nothing but a spliff and a pile of munchies.

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