7 Mistakes to Avoid When Planting Cannabis

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Avoid those pesky mistakes when planting your cannabis with these 7 handy tips. 


The Cannabis plant, also known widely as weed, is grown for its chemical constituent which is extracted to produce different nicotine-products. Although smoking and growing weed are illegal in some countries, using some of its extracted products, is gradually gaining popularity in the world. For instance, Vape Canada is legal, as long as it is not sold to persons less than 18 years old.


Knowing these, the profits that the Cannabis-growing industry has accrued in the past years has increased significantly and is not looking to drop, any time soon. So it is definitely a good time to grow some Cannabis.



What Not To Do When Growing Cannabis Plant:


There are things you should absolutely NOT do when planting your Cannabis plant. You need to adhere strictly to these directions if you don’t want to lose the whole harvest and the MONEY you invested.



1. Do Not Over-Water Your Plant


A lot of newbie Cannabis growers think that giving their plant a lot of water equals quick growth and harvest time, this thought is so wrong and can kill the whole plant or make their leaves appear hanging. It will also likely cause the roots of the plant to choke and die off.



Now, you don’t want that, so employing a good hydroponics system is your best bet. You can also build a watering schedule to measure the amount of water you will give your plants daily.



2. Do Not Lose Control Of The Climatic Conditions


This is also very important; you have to be able to control weather conditions in your greenhouse, whether you choose to plant your Cannabis inside or outside. Too cold climate will give your plants stunted growths or may even kill them.


And if the weather is too hot, it will cause your plant to develop heat stress, become scrawny, die off or give you a bad harvest. There are a lot of climate control systems you can employ.


3. Do Not Hold Back The Light

This is a very common mistake Cannabis growers make. It is important to know that Cannabis, like other growing plants, requires sufficient light to grow to its optimal height. So if you want big buds, then provide ‘big’ lights. Your marijuana plant needs light for refuelling through photosynthesis in order for it not to die off.


Note that Cannabis is a photoperiodic plant. That is, it needs about 12 hours of uninterrupted light and 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to produce flowers. Research has shown that light has a lot of beneficial effects on the morphology and Cannabinoid content of the Cannabis plant.


4. Do Not Over-Feed Your Plant

Just like giving too much water can kill your plants, over-feeding the plants can also prove to be harmful. When you over-feed your Cannabis plant, it causes a nutrient burn, which leaves a residual mark on your plants. This may reduce the quality of the harvest. It is important to know the nutrient requirement of your Cannabis plant and when not to exceed these requirements.


You can use the feed charts that came with the fertilizers you purchased from the store or create a feeding formula for yourself if you know how. This is what nutrient burn looks like, so you know when you are doing it wrong.


Overfed Cannabis Plants


5. Do Not Over-Prune Your Cannabis Plant

Although pruning is important for every growing plant, it is good to know when the pruning-limits have been reached with your plants. Over-pruning can weaken your plants or worse yet, eventually kill them.


There are some destructive pruning methods that are sure to harm your plants. It is essential to know the right techniques for pruning, the right time to prune and, when not to prune your plant.



6. Do Not Harvest Your Cannabis Plant Too Early

Most people make the mistake of harvesting their Cannabis plant when they see it start budding. It is vital to know the precise time to harvest your plants so you can get the maximum growth and the right production quality and quantity of Cannabinoid.


There a lot of factors to consider before harvesting, but the most important thing is to know when the plant is at its most favorable state of maturity. Depending on the chemical requirements of the plant you need, it is to your advantage that you do not harvest it too early.


7. Do Not Tell Anyone

Even before you begin researching on how to grow weed, remember that growing weed is still illegal in some countries, so for your own safety and security, it is important that you know who to trust with your secret, or better still, just keep it to yourself. Sometimes it is good to know when to just keep your mouth shut.


Not everyone gets the fact that you want to make money from growing weed, so close up your mouth and do your business as discrete as possible.



You really do not need to be a genius or have a PhD. in agronomy to have a successful Cannabis greenhouse or farm. You just need to be smart and follow these guidelines, and, you will be alright in the Cannabis-growing industry.



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