5 Best Cannabis Seed Banks To Try This 2021

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5 Best Cannabis Seed Banks To Try This 2021


An emerging trend among cannabis enthusiasts is growing weed at home as a hobby or guarantee standardized quality for their favorite weed strains. Consequently, the demand for high-quality cannabis seeds that will yield potent and flavorful cannabis crops is rising.

Cannabis enthusiasts turn to cannabis seeds for sale for high-quality cannabis seeds. However, besides product quality, federal law prohibits the transportation of cannabis seeds across state lines.

Therefore, reliable cannabis seed banks should offer both product quality and delivery service guarantees. If you are looking for quality seeds, below are top-rated cannabis seed banks as rated by their product and after-sale service quality.

1. Barney’s Farm

Barney's Farm


Barney’s Farms are “OGs” in the cannabis cultivation industry and have been producing exceptional quality cannabis seeds since 30 years ago. The cannabis seed bank won several accolades for generating world-famous breeds. For starters, they have 40 High Times cannabis Cups strapped under their belt.


The Amsterdam-based seed bank utilizes cannabis experts and bespoke breeding skills to produce cannabis seeds bearing premium-quality genotypes. Moreover, they keep creating new seeds to meet customer demands better. Also, they offer specific seeds intended to thrive in unique climatic and growing conditions, including indoors and under cold and high altitude areas.


Barney’s Farms’ diverse, premium product catalog includes feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and high-yielding seeds. Notable cannabis strains credited to Barney’s Farm innovation and passion include the Amnesia Haze and the Wedding Cake.

Barney’s Farm includes novices and experiences cannabis cultivators as part of their target niche market. Therefore, they feature in-depth and detailed product descriptions on their website, offering helpful information, including growth difficulty for different seed types.


The company ships its superior quality cannabis seeds all over Europe and even to destinations outside Europe. They accept credit card and bank transfer payments; no deductions are made on your credit card before shipping.


However, each order must contain at least three different seeds. Another probable challenge, though understandable, is that prices are only listed in Euros. However, after converting the prices to $USD, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn how affordable the prices are.


2. Sensi Seeds
Sensi Seeds


Sensi Seeds is yet another cannabis seed bank hailing from Amsterdam, the cannabis capital of the world. It features many superb cannabis seeds in its catalog.


Although most cannabis seed banks stock more THC-dominant seeds for recreational marijuana strains, Sensi Seeds pays as much attention to medicinal marijuana strains such as CBD-rich hemp seeds. The seed bank targets a diverse market, including newbie cannabis cultivators, indoor growers, outdoor growers, medicinal marijuana cultivators, and cannabis researchers. They even offer a 35% discount on all seeds to cannabis researchers.


For their contribution in facilitating cannabis research, Sensi Seeds received accolades in the medicinal marijuana research field during their three-decade run. The company’s concern for wellbeing precipitates down to its customer service practices. Its cannabis seed bank offers the friendliest and most professional customer service in the cannabis seed bank space.


Sensi Seeds offer fast shipping to destinations all over Europe and discreet packaging. However, they only accept three payment options; VISA, credit and debit cards, bank transfer, and Mastercard.


Unfortunately, some buyers may find the payment options rather limiting. Second, although Sensi Seeds features a track record for superior quality seeds, it does not offer a germination guarantee.


3. Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds


Hailing from Valencia, Spain, Sweet Seeds has had a 15-year presence in the cannabis seed bank industry. Sweet Seeds sells 56 top-shelf quality cannabis seed strains, 25 of which are award-winning cannabis strains. Consequently, Sweet Seeds has also won many awards for its breeding efforts.


The company’s strategy in developing award-winning seed phenotypes is drawing from customer feedback. Although seed pedigree may play a part in the phenotype, generating cannabis seed strains that speak to the consumer is equally important.


Sweet Seeds focuses exclusively on feminized and auto-flowering seeds ensuring that you only get top-quality products. Moreover, besides THC-dominant strains, they also stock an array of CBD-dominant strains.


Navigating their website is quite easy as the website is intuitive and features the bestselling seeds and new seeds prominently on slider banners. Besides seeds for sale, the website also features a forum to share your challenges, successes, tips, and hacks while growing cannabis with fellow cannabis cultivators.


Sweet Seeds are also quite generous with their customers and sometimes offer a 20% discount on all seeds. Additionally, they also offer customers complimentary gifts with each order.

Also, buyers can earn redeemable “sweet points” each time they shop on Sweet Seed’s website. However, some buyers’ point of concern may be that Sweet Seeds does not offer a germination guarantee percentage rate.


4. Pyramid Seeds

Pyramid Seeds


Based in Barcelona, Spain, Pyramid Seeds is your go-to cannabis bank if you want a pleasurable cannabis growing experience. The company specializes in generating easy-to-grow seeds requiring minimal maintenance and fuss.


Cannabis seeds from Pyramid Seeds feature prominently among the most potent and high-yielding cannabis strains in the market. Moreover, they sell not only THC-high cannabis seeds but also CBD-high hemp seeds.


The company sells top-of-the-range feminized and auto-flowering seeds at a bargain. In this regard, you get an extra seed when you buy three seeds and two extra seeds for buying five seeds.


Better yet, when you buy 50 seeds, you get 20 seeds free, while purchasing 100 seeds earns you 40 extra seeds. Therefore, besides quality, Pyramid Seeds also offers consumers exceptional value. The company also delivers cannabis seeds to various global destinations, including the USA.

5. Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds


Royals Queen Seeds features a wide selection of exclusive feminized seeds. The seed bank is two decades old and utilizes bespoke breeding methods to synthesize unique cannabis strain seeds. Royal Queen Seeds features award-winning THC and CBD strains in its exceptional catalog.


Its high-quality seeds appeal to budding cannabis enthusiasts and expert cannabis cultivators alike. The brand’s dedication to quality makes it a fan-favorite among cannabis enthusiasts and critics in various cannabis spheres. Consequently, the brand won Spain’s Best Seedbank award in 2019.


Royal Queen Seeds also offers its customers exceptional value; they give complimentary seeds and a 10% discount for each product review. Moreover, the brand features a comprehensive loyalty program called the “Growers Program” that entitles members to unique perks based on the number of points they manage to accumulate.


Product quality and discretion are desirable credentials in a cannabis seed bank. The shortlisted cannabis seed banks above offer both. Therefore, if you are looking to grow cannabis, begin by browsing through their websites.

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