Dr Krippling

Dr Krippling
Dr Krippling are a team of passionate breeders dedicated to their craft and the continued development of quality genetics. They are driven by very grounded values, to quote their website: 'As with all animal populations on earth, we are here to survive and procreate, but we all have a subliminal analogous purpose to transport, disperse and preserve seeds and plants to ensure genetic survival for the future.'. 

Team Krippling are willing servants to this humbling plant, running breeding/proofing stations throughout Europe, working on hundreds of different strains from all over the world. They also work hard seeking out solid performers from new seed banks and breeders, as well as germinating hundreds of seeds every week to ensure they find the ultimate genetics for use as parent plants. The team at Dr Krippling combine years of extensive growing and breeding experience with an unrelenting passion for cannabis, establishing themselves as a reliable source for potent strains with outrageous yields, smells, tastes and effects. They use many different techniques to grow and no toxic chemicals are ever used on their seed-bearing plants.  

Team Krippling are constantly fine tuning their current selection and seeking out stronger genetics for their future offerings, all of which are, and will be available to buy here at SeedMasters.com..
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Jack Mist Tree

Realise that the Emperor wears no robes, and De-Sheep the world with Jack Mist Tree. A Krippling Mix..

From £8.00

Jumping Black Dash

An Auto flowering plant from our strains in black.Thick, impenetrable buds, packed with gorgeous fla..

From £5.95

Kali and the Chocolate Factory

A favourite of all at Krippling Seed mongers, the flavour of Kali and the Chocolate Factory wou..

From £8.00

Kali's Lullaby

Cant get no sleep? Night Night works on even the most faithless insomniacs out there. The talented D..

From £8.00

Kali's White Shadow

Kali (The Dark Goddess), embraces the White Widow (the legend), and allows her to be her shadow. Thi..

From £8.00

Kripple Roulette

“Hit the Jackpot, The green’s yours, the red’s yours, the black’s yours. You can only be a winner. A..

From £7.95

Kripple Shock

Cor blimey Guv! Can that plant look any more menacing? WTF go on with them buds?!?! Has it snowed in..

From £5.45


Krippling’s mix of blueberries, with a touch of ruderalis, produces an auto flowering crop which clo..

From £4.45

Mango Chutney

Sweet, sour + spicy flavours to set your taste buds alight. Sweet citrus  smells emanate out of..

From £7.95

Mango Mist Shake

Mango Haze Flavours burst and explode, leading to a luxurious Misty-milky after-taste. Let Mango Mis..

From £8.00

Melon Kali

Melancholy in the world? Melon Kalis pleasing tastes effects will bring joy to even the most dispiri..

From £8.00


Top-notch mixing has gone on here folks. A taste of this special combo is preparation to embark on a..

From £8.45

Pickled Diesel

Selection of diesel strains from Krippling’s pool of genetics, Pickled Diesel gives a solid, rapid b..

From £6.45

Puff Puff Pass Out

Selectively bred for the hardened off users out there. Have Puff Puff Pass Out re-experience the tim..

From £8.00

Smokin' Gun Auto

Here comes the gun, from Dr Krippling, and we are keen to show you - one lovely, lovely strain here...

From £6.45

Sonic Bloom

One beautiful mix of Indian and Nepalese Genetics, which are mainly indica heritage. These plants se..

From £6.45