Top 10 Cannabis Seed Strains that Boost Creativity

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We all know that awful dreaded creative block, so we’ve put together a list of strains that bursts through the imagination!

The ultimate uplifting cannabis seed strains which feed into the creativity come from the Sativa dominant backgrounds. They have the energetic and hallucinogenic nature which lends itself to the creative arts.

There’s no good in being couch slouched on a strong Indica if you are trying to produce yourself some piece of art.



1. Trainwreck - Humboldt Seeds

Trainwreck - Humboldt

A Sativa dominant strain. Trainwreck has its origin in Arcata, Humboldt, CA, and is one of the strongest Sativa's created in California. Thin-leafed, vigorous, and big producer, it is very psychedelic and said to be sometimes a creeper. Trainwreck has a very special smell that can be described as spicy Kush mixed with sweet tangy cedar. Trainwreck is a Sativa-Dominant strain with very strong effect, and it is said to be so strong that the jaw drops leaving the smoker shit faced. Definitely not for beginners.

Trainwreck is a Californian variety by Humboldt Seed Bank. It's a mixture of Sativa whose origin is located in Arcata, Humboldt, CA, one of the strongest Sativa created in California. Trainwreck is a strong plant with fine leaves. This is a great producer, very psychedelic. The aroma is very special, being described as spicy Kush soft cedar mixed with sour notes. Trainwreck is a Sativa dominant strain with a very strong; while it’s powerful effect leaves smokers with broken jaws. Not suitable for beginners.



2. Sour Diesel - Royal Queen Seeds

Sour Diesel - Royal Queen Seeds


Like many of the best cannabis strains coming out these days, Sour Diesel comes straight from California. It is a favorite with many smokers and growers. These powerful American genetics will grow well indoors around the world; outdoors, on the other hand, they need a warm climate, similar to California or Spain.

This is a mostly Sativa strain which shows in both its growth structure and the strong high effect it gives when consumed. The plant develops its resinous buds and powerful aroma over a 10-week flowering period. This is after a recommended 3-to-4 week vegetative period. These plants will grow to a height of around 100-130 cm, with some stretching during early flowering.

Sour Diesel is a very pungent, aromatic strain. Heavy chemical, herbal and sour flavours come from its glistening buds. When grown well, it will give yields of 450-600 grams per square metre. This is both a yield in quantity and quality, producing high-quality, resinous, aromatic buds. Full Diesel power!



3. God’s AK-47 - Jordan Of The Island's

Gods AK47 - Jordan Of The Island's

God’s AK47 is one of our best yielding marijuana strains because we have bred two amazing weed heavy weights. Jordan of the Islands has combined two amazing award winning marijuana strains - God Bud x AK47. Anticipate monster sized marijuana plants reaching between 5 and 8 feet. When God’s AK47 is given ample vegetative time it can produce yields between 6 and 10 ounces per plant. The strain has an average marijuana flowering time of 55-65 days. The dark green marijuana buds give off a yummy, skunky, God Bud smell, but are larger and shaped like the legendary AK-47. Jordan of the Islands is proud to present this truly unique tasty toke that has our most potent indica combined with a stellar soaring sativa to create an original zippy get around effect.



4. Blue Dream - Humboldt Seeds

Blue Dream - Humboldt Seeds

Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant strain created by breeders from Humboldt Seeds. It takes its genetics from two legendary strains: Blueberry and Haze. Blue dream has become a favourite in many places, especially in California where it is among the top ten most popular strains. The high begins with a refreshing ‘head high’, lasting around 3 hours and finishing gradually with a strong, full body Indica buzz. Very potent and effective for medicating sore muscles and pain relief.

The effects begin with a Sativa-like high and finish around 3 hours later with a relaxing (but not sedating), Indica-like buzz. Has a strong muscle easing and pain killing effect, also useful for treating nausea and depression due to its high THC content.

The taste is a mixture of sweet, tangy, earthy flavours with an overtone of berry, similar to its original blueberry predecessor. Plants grow strong and wide, sometimes expressing primarily Indica genetics, but more often than not expressing itself as a Sativa dominant strain. Great for commercial use due to its high yield, potency and phenomenal flavour.



5. Amnesia Haze - Royal Queen Seeds


 Amnesia Haze - Royal Queen Seeds


After the haze genetics came to Holland and several hybrids were made, an American expat would later combine one of these hybrids with a male derived from old school haze seeds creating the Amnesia Haze. We felt our collection of marijuana seeds would not be complete without one of the best hazes to ever be smoked, so we got a hold of some Amnesia and made feminised seeds.

Our Amnesia haze is a well maintained plant growing just over a metre tall, to about 1.2m. She can be grown outdoors but will require hot weather like Australia, North Africa and California, however, may need to be grown in a greenhouse due to her long flower period.

Amnesia haze is one of our best yielding cannabis strains, producing 70-80 g per plant with up to 650+- g per metre squared under a 600w light. She can produce big outside, with full sun, reaching as much as 700g per plant. However extra care should be taken outdoors as this is a sensitive plant, so problems with weather, bugs or irrigation will harm your final harvest.

The only down side with Amnesia haze is the long flower time required of 12 weeks. Although this is high enough to make most commercial growers run for the hills, true cannabis connoisseurs will find the wait more than worth it. Amnesia haze is suitable for both hydro and soil grows sea/screen of green too.

So after 4 months of growing, 2 weeks of drying and curing and your finally ready to smoke the Amnesia haze that has taken you so long to grow. After your 1st joint or bong we are certain you will be more than satisfied with the smoke after waiting such a long time. Our Amnesia Haze really is one of the best cannabis strains in our entire stock.

Every hit comes with a truly psychedelic head high, likely to send any user straight into the astrosphere. The flavour is fresh and fruity like you expect from a haze which only makes the smoke so much more enjoyable. Smokers are warned this is a strong smoke and, as the name suggests, users can often turn their brains off completely after a session.



6. Durban Poison - Dutch Passion

Durban Poison - Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion’s original Durban Poison is a classic indoor/outdoor Sativa variety and one of our favourites here at SeedMasters. Since its extraction from South Africa, this strain has undergone a relentless inbreeding program in Holland, where over time it has adjusted to northern climates to some degree. During this process it seems there has been some minor contamination from an unknown Indica, however these traits tend to express early in its life cycle, and are more often than not overwhelmed by its original Sativa genetics.

Durban Poison has the familiar uplifting, energizing high of a Sativa strain, making it the perfect choice for the more productive, creative and explorative user. It has a hazy, spicy taste to it with undertones of aniseed, liquorice and cloves. It is renowned for its sweet aroma, uplifting high and its dark green, mould and pest resistant buds. Very potent with great yields and incredible resin production, great for concentrate extractions.



7. Arjans Haze #1 - Green House Seeds

Arjans Haze #1 - Green House Seeds

Arjan's Haze #1 has earned its reputation after winning 4 cups, including 1st place in the 2004 High Times People Cannabis Cup. It's an absolute must for all cannabis connoisseurs and breeders alike, and is a very special plant that has a lot of superior qualities. This incredible G13/Haze cross has an extremely psychoactive high, which is strong and long lasting. It is medicinally effective in pain therapy and appetite stimulation.

Indoors, flowering will take 11 weeks, producing a rough yield of up to 900 gr/m2. It is a large plant and is good for LST. Outdoors it is ready by the 3rd week of October (in the North hemisphere), producing up to 1500 gr/plant. Ideal for equatorial, tropical, subtropical and temperate climates, but needs support.


8. Critical Kali Mist - Delicious Seeds

Critical Kali Mist - Delicious Seeds

Critical Kali Mist is a hybrid obtained by crossing a great Critical Mass specimen with an impressive Kali Mist clone. Both look typically sativa but have totally different characteristics, especially with respect to flowering time and resin yields. Its sativa properties are evident from the start both in its appearance and development. Powerful and robust growth indoors but it can be managed without problems.

Outdoors, plants can get very tall and very well-branched with copious flowers. The flowering phase is very interesting as it produces large and very compact buds for a sativa with this genetic background with very few leaves. It’s also very rapid and could be ready in 65/70 days. Once resin production begins, the aromas the plant gives off are totally Kali Mist. Fine hardwood, incense and pine taste and smell with musky notes. The effect is very energising, usually resulting in a desire to get things done, laugh or go for a walk. The cerebral effects are evident immediately. The perfect choice for fans of Kali Mist or sativas in general.



9. Green Crack - Fast Buds

Green Crack - Fast Buds

Green Crack is like a turbocharged mango-flavoured energy drink. It's a variety of marijuana that will offer you a fruity rush of pure cannabis-generated adrenaline. It's a safe bet that doesn't compromise on quality. It has a reputation as being simply spectacular, given its stellar combination of highly desirable qualities that are much sought after with different marijuana varieties: great overall performance, easy growth, energetic buzz, and exquisite fruity flavor.

We are very proud of this variety that is now to be introduced in the European market, and already enjoys a strong following in the US market, especially in California.


The flavours that develop are ideal for lovers of fruitiness. Tart citrus predominates, while earthiness with an exotic touch is evident in the aftertaste. with its powerful fruity spiciness and sweet scent of mango, this variety is perfect and enjoyable when used for medicinal use throughout the day.


Green Crack really hits you with lots of energy. Its THC content of 20% and low CBD make it an ideal medication for patients who are treating fatigue, stress and depression. Recommended for use during the day. It helps when used as a treatment for patients with chronic fatigue and high levels of stress and depression. It is also indicated for severe cases of Crohn's disease since it reduces nausea and stimulates appetite. Perhaps it's the strain's aromas and terpenes that induce a feeling of wellbeing and enhance vigour and energy. There's no doubt that few strains can match the concentrated energy that's produced by this hybrid. It works on a cerebral level as an elixir for your neurons, inducing an invigorating effect.


This strain is sativa / indica hybrid with some Afghan phenotypes. The remaining lineage comes from two genetic lines of sativa / indica type descendants of Skunk # 1 and ruderalis. It is a strong, vigorous plant and very productive. As with all our products, it's an easy-to-grow hybrid as well as autoflowering and feminized, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It grows to medium-large size, with a minimum height of 60 cm (2 ft). You will be surprised by its optimal internodal distance. It can be harvest in just 8-9 weeks and has very good yields, almost 650gr/m2 (1.4 pounds per light). Its buds are denser than with average sativas. When in flower it is literally covered with resin and the buds are completely White.


Glaucoma, Nausea, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Back pain, PMS, Arthritis, Herpes, Rheumatism, Sickle Cell, Expectorant, Stress, Migraines, AIDS, Tumors, Asthma



10. Jack Herer - BC Bud Depot

Jack Herer - BC Bud Depo

This multiple Cannabis Cup Winner is undoubtedly one of the most special types of marijuana in the cannabis world today. Named in honor of the late Jack Herer, the world famous global hemp activist and author of 'The Emperor Wears No Clothes'. Many years of extensive breeding and special selection gave way to this multiple Haze hybrid that will deliver good yields of medium density buds glistening with juicy, resin coated Haze bracts that have a fresh and peppery, pungent Haze smell mixed with a hint of fruity skunk. Jack Herer has an award-winning flavour of strong peppered Haze spiced with a delicious dash of fruity acridness and the effects have a quick onset with a strong uplifting cerebral high and a giggly edge. Definitely one for the connoisseur.


And thats your lot! Awesome list to have and luckilly for you we have all those strains on our website and if you want to find them then just click on the image of the strain  you want in the list. We did it all for you !

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