8 Things Not to do When Smoking Cannabis With Buddies

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Smoking weed with friends can give you lot of great memories. The stories, the music, the bonding and the munchies - everything feels great over that joint.


Those relaxing smoking-up sessions are what smokers look forward to but they also must abstain from doing a few things:



1. Puff- Puff- PASS


Puff Puff Pass


Take two drags and pass along the doobie is the unspoken social weed sharing rule. Taking too many hits is rude, contrary to smoking up etiquettes and a big no-no.



2. Caught up with the doobie


Joint custody


It’s true that smokers who get high and lost in their story often hold the joint for too long. It is annoying and people will lose interest in your story if you forget the timely passing around rule.



3. Pocketing those lighters


Thou Shalt Not Steal


People lose track of their lighters being passed around during a smoking up session. It’s easy to pocket someone else’s light without them or anyone noticing. Not only wrong, it can also cost you your friends, reputation, conscience and is called stealing.



4. Public blazing


Smokin in public


Getting high together is fun, but not when you do it around other people. Smoking up in public can be inconvenient to others and should be a private affair without creating any nuisance. Also, ensure that you are enjoying weed legally.



5. Spit pot




Disgusting yet common is when people slobber over the end of the joint which seals the opening. The drooled- on joint becomes difficult to smoke, not to mention unhygienic. A total buzz-kill.




6. Being a mooch


Handful of weed


There is always that one person in every group who never contributes the stash. They will always smoke- up their buddies stuff and never make the effort of getting their own to share. If you are one of them, you will get the bad label and it’s tough to shake it off. Don’t be a miser and throw in some good cannabis for your buddies.



7. Getting crafty




Not very cool or safe to make your own pipes and screens. It’s better to buy from professionals for a smooth, guaranteed experience.


8. Over- blazing



Be careful while lighting up the weed. Holding the lit lighter on for too long will burn the good part and leave only burnt weed for the next person. Just a touch of the flame is enough and the joint is ready to be puffed on.


Not a lot of effort, these points should always be remembered for grudge-free socializing. Be courteous, proper and smoke on!

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